Return a Sale on Vend for Mac or PC

Return a Sale on Vend for Mac or PC


Different retail stores have different rules about what items can and cannot be returned. It is useful to check in with your supervisor about this before processing any returns.

Before beginning, it is important to note that you may only complete a return on fully paid sales (including fully paid account and layby sales) and not on open on account or layby sales OR existing return transactions.

To process a return:

1. Navigate to the Sales History screen and find the sale you would like to return.


Click on the process returns tab then search for the receipt number of the sale.

2. Once the sale is located, click the reverse arrow under 'actions' to begin the return.


If a cashier user is unable to process returns in your store this reverse arrow will be greyed out and unclickable.

If a customer is not attached to the original sale, you will be asked to add a customer to the return here. You can skip this if you do not wish to add a customer to this return.

This sale will now appear in the Checkout section of your sale screen. The item(s) involved in this sale will now be listed as a negative value, indicating that they will be returned.


Return items cannot have their price adjusted.

At this stage in the process, you may need to remove any products that the customer is not returning. To do this click on the 'Trash' icon next to any items your customer is not returning.

Once you are happy with how everything looks, click the return button below and choose the payment type you wish to process the return with.


If you are returning a Worldpay, Tyro or iZettle sale, please make sure you choose the right payment type and follow the instructions on Vend and your payment terminal screen.

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