Payment Express Setup

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Payment Express Setup

Payment Express is a global payment partner that provides in-store and online payment integrations with Vend. To get set up with Payment Express in Vend, follow the steps below.

Important: - This integration is available in New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. - If you are an existing Payment Express customer, you may need to get in touch with Payment Express to enable this integration for your merchant account and ensure you have the correct payment terminal (iWL250/iWL252).

Getting Started

Contact payment express to ensure your merchant account is all setup, you have the right hardware and are ready to start processing payments.

Setup your Payment Express Terminal

1. First up, connect the power cable to the terminal dock and connect an ethernet cable from your router/modem to the back of the terminal dock.

2. Next, place the terminal onto the terminal dock. The unit will start up and log onto the network.

Note: A Bluetooth connection will be supplied to the terminal from the terminal dock.

Add the Payment Express Payment Type to Vend

1. First, Login to your admin user account for your Vend store on your iPad or Computer.

2. Next, navigate to Setup -> Payment Types and click the 'Add Payment Type' button.

3. Once here, select Payment Express from the payment type dropdown. You can change the name of the payment type now if you wish to.

4. Click 'Configure Payment Express with Vend' and follow the onscreen configuration instructions to pair the terminal to your register.

Configuration steps to pair the Payment Express terminal to Vend

Before continuing with the configuration instructions, you'll need to add your Payment Express merchant account username and password.

Next, you will need to give Payment Express access to your Vend store data so that they can have access to your register names for pairing purposes.

Vend will now need to know which terminal you'd like to pair. To do this, enter the serial number found on the back of your terminal or the terminal dock (e.g. 4123456789).

After entering the serial number, click next and choose which Register you'd like to associate this terminal with.

Once this is done, you'll be ready to start selling! Click 'Done' to complete the configuration process or 'Add another Terminal' to configure an additional terminal.

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