Multi Outlet Time Zones

Multi Outlet Time Zones:


Multi outlet time zones will only work with the new sell screen for Mac and PC and the iPad Register app

Previously in Vend, you were only able to specify a single timezone for an account. This made it difficult for retailers, who have stores in different time zones, to manage their sales records efficiently.

With Vend's new multi-outlet time zone feature, you can now consolidate multiple vend accounts and specify store timezones on an outlet by outlet basis.

There are also many other areas in Vend that utilised the account timezone. Now, with multi-outlet timezones, processes such as the reprinting of sales receipts, pricebook start/end dates and user login times all leverage outlet specific timezones.


Multi-outlet time zone functionality is not currently available on the sales ledger page.

How do I setup multiple time zones?


Only users with permission to create or edit outlets can change outlet timezones.

To setup your outlets with their correct timezones, navigate to Setup -> Outlets and Registers and locate the Outlet below.

Once you've found the outlet you want to change, click Edit Outlet or select Add Outlet.

In here, you'll find a drop-down menu where you can specify the outlet's timezone.

Choose the time zone you'd like from the drop-down and click save.

Once you've saved these changes all sales made on registers associated with this outlet will now be recorded in the outlet time zone you specified.

How are different time zones displayed in my Sales History?

The bolded time of a sale in the Sales History is always localised to the outlet where a sale was made. Let's say you have outlet's in two different time zones (Perth and Melbourne.) If you are logged into the Melbourne outlet, sales made in this outlet will be represented in the Sales History as having one time only (as you are logged into an outlet with the same timezone.)

For staff in Melbourne that want to review a sale that was made in Perth (a different timezone to Melbourne), the time will be displayed contextually. The Sales History will show the local outlet time the sale was made (in bold) and the timezone of the outlet you are logged in to (italicised underneath.)

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