Using the Vend store credits with Xero

Are you using Vend store credit and have an integration with Xero? You will need to set up your store so that liability flows through to Xero when store credit is given and redeemed. To learn how to set this up, follow the steps below:

Important: If you integrate with Xero and are looking to set up Vend store credit, the steps below are mandatory. If you do not map the correct account for liabilities in the Vend - Xero mappings page, store credit issuance and redemption will not flow through to Xero.

1. Setup a Liability Account in Xero:

First off, you will need to make sure you have a current liability account for store credit in Xero. Create one if you have not already and ensure that 'enable payments' is ticked. If 'enable payments' is not ticked, liability will not be reduced when store credit is redeemed.

Note: The account code and name listed in the screenshot above are for example only, you do not have to use these when creating your account.

2. Map the account to your store credit liability:

Next, you will need to map this Xero liability account correctly in the Vend xero setup screen. This is so that all store credit issued will post liability across to Xero and that liability is reduced when store credit is redeemed.

To do this:

1. Head to Setup -> Apps and click on the 'Settings' button next to Xero. You should now be in your Vend - Xero Mappings page.

2. First, navigate to your 'Accounts for Liabilities' section and choose your liability account underneath 'Store credit liability'. Setting this up will mean that all store credit issued will post liability across to Xero.

3. Click save.

Now that this is setup, all store credit issued will post liability across to Xero and everytime store credit is redeemed your liability will be reduced in Xero.

Note: Liability will flow through to Xero when you close your Register for the day.

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