Accurately Calculating Cost of Goods ("COGS") Sold in Vend

How do I make sure my cost of goods sold ("COGS") are accurately calculated in Vend:

Ordering units through the Stock Order page is the best way of ensuring that the correct COGS is reported.

If you have any products that were created without a supply price, they will show as $0 for COGS. To remedy this, you will need to order units in a stock order with a supply price going forward. If you add these units via CSV or the edit product page they won't generate a COGS even if the supply price is changed.

Additionally, changing the supply price on the edit product page won't change the supply price for units already in stock for that product or units you add to that product via CSV or the edit product page.

COGS may also differ from the current supply price of a product. This is because the recorded cost can be different.

When inventory is received, it either uses the supply price of the product or the cost that is used in the stock order. However, no changes are made to the cost associated with the units that you previously received into stock for that product. This means that if you have any existing stock with a different or incorrect supply price, your COGS will calculate incorrectly.

How to fix incorrect COGS using a stock order:

1. Make a note of the current inventory of all the affected products and take a backup of your product list by clicking on Export List.

2. Add the correct supply price.

3. Remove the inventory of the affected products.

4. Head to Products -> Stock Control -> Order Stock and re-order the stock through a stock order.

Once you 'receive' this stock order into your store your COGS will be recalculated.

For more information on creating a stock order check out this link here

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