Why is my register closure timing out?

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If you are closing your register for the first time in a while, or have never closed it before, you may be finding that it’s timing out. This will look like a white screen, often with a rotating symbol, that runs for a very long time or eventually crashes.

This usually happens when you attempt to close a register after it has been open for a very long period of time, like six months or a year, or if a huge amount of sales have been accrued over a month or more in a single closure period.

What can happen is that the number of sales and edits in the register closure can be so large that Vend cannot easily process it.

If this is the case, Vend support will need to help you with the register. They will want to know the specific register that you’re trying to close so that they can break it up into quarter-long or month-long chunks and get you ready to start doing closures every day.

If you're after more help with your register closures, contact our Support team by signing in here and clicking Contact Us.

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