Why aren't my Payment Express Orders Appearing in Vend Ecommerce

Over the last few weeks some retailers have had intermittent issues with orders on Payment Express and Vend Ecommerce whereby the credit card payment is successful, and appears on the Payment Express merchant account, but the corresponding order doesn’t appear in Vend Ecommerce.

We have indentified the cause of the issue and have an interim solution for affected customers. This requires you to turn off the Payment Express 'successful payment' confirmation screen. Turning off the below screen will mean that once the customer has entered their credit card details and the payment is successful, the customer will be redirected to your Vend Ecommerce store “Thank you” page.

To disable the successful payment screen, follow the steps below:

To disable the payment confirmation page follow the steps below:

1. Login to Payment Manager at the Payment Express link here.

Note: If you do not have a Payline account or the 'custom hosted' screen on your Payline portal, please contact sales@paymentexpress.com.

2. Once in here, select “Setup Custom Features” on the right hand menu

3. Select the “Result Page” tab from the top menu

4. Check the “Disable Result Page (SkipPage2)" option

5. Select update to save the changes

6. To activate the the above changes you will need to contact Payment Express by either emailing support@paymentexpress.com and quoting your PXPay ID in the email or calling the Payment Express support team.

Additional information

Contact Vend Support Team to help you re-sync the missing sales due to this issue with Payment Express.