Import products into a stock transfer from a CSV file

In Vend, you can import products to a new or saved stock transfer from a CSV file.

This is a good way to quickly create a large stock transfer if you need to move a lot of stock from one branch to another.

How do I do this?

1. Create your CSV file.

You need to set up a CSV file with your stock transfer items. Download an example CSV template below to get you started, or create a CSV file in your spreadsheet software (like Excel or Google Docs) with 4 column headers:

  • Handle [Optional field] - the product handle (must match an existing product in Vend)
  • SKU [Mandatory field]  - the product SKU (must match an existing product in Vend)
  • supply_price [Optional field] - the per-item supply price
  • Quantity [Mandatory field]  - the amount you're transfering for each item.

Add your products to your CSV file. To make this easier, you can export a CSV list of product SKU and handles, filtered by tag, supplier or name.

2. Import your CSV file

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Stock Control
  2. Click Stock Transfer
  3. Select the source and destination outlets
  4. Click Choose file and select your saved CSV file.

Once you have saved the transfer, imported items will begin to appear on the next screen: 


You will need to refresh the page to see the products that you imported. Please ensure that the total products imported matches the number of products you are importing.

To import items in a CSV file to an existing stock transfer:  Select a saved stock transfer from the main 'Stock Control' tab. On the next screen is an 'Import' button. Click this and follow the steps to import products to the transfer.


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