Gift Card Payments for Vend Ecommerce

Setup Gift Card Payments for Vend Ecommerce

Vend gift cards are now redeemable within your Vend Ecommerce store. Before getting started with this you must first make sure you've got the gift card feature enabled in Vend. For more information on how to do this, check out this link here.

Once you've enabled gift cards in your Vend store you'll need to setup "Gift Card" as a payment gateway in your Vend Ecommerce Settings. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Login to your Vend Ecommerce Admin page

2. Click on Settings in the sidebar and select Payment Methods .

3. Type in a payment name (Gift Card for example)

3. Choose Gift Card under Vend Payment Type

4. Choose Gift Card under Gateway

5. Make sure enabled is switched on and save your changes.

If you have your Ecommerce store set in Offline mode, the gift card redemption process will not work. If you wish to test the process, make sure your store is set to Online.

How do my customers redeem their gift cards in Vend Ecommerce

For your customer to pay with gift cards in your Ecommerce store they will need to follow the steps below:

1. Once your customer picks their items and makes their way to the checkout screen they'll be asked to pick a payment option. They'll need to pick gift card and proceed to the next step.

2. At the next step, they'll be asked to enter their gift card number to validate the gift card.

3. If the gift card number is valid and there is enough value on the gift card to pay for the order, the order value will be deducted from the gift gard and the customer will see a thank you page.

Note: If they have chosen the gift card payment method, your customers must pay for the sale in full with the gift card. If, for example, they have a total basket size of $100 dollars but their gift card is only $50 dollars, they will not be able to pay with their gift card.

If your customer's card number isn't valid or they doesn't have enough on their gift card to pay for the order they will be taken back to the Select Payment Method screen with error "Your payment was declined."