Adding Footer Quick Links to your Ecommerce Loft Theme

If you have purchased one of the Loft theme styles such as Swell, Tarn, Amber or Fennel, then this article will help you set up your Quick Links in your footer. Quick links will look like the example below:

When setting up your Quick Links, you will need to set up new navigations: a Footer menu (footer-menu) navigation and individual heading navigations for each heading you want to have a quick link to. The Footer menu (footer-menu) navigation will contain the headings, while the Heading navigation will contain the links.

To set up footer links in your Loft theme, follow the steps below:

1. In order to create the links in the Footer, first you have to create a navigation for the footer headings, and each heading will contain its own links. To do this, go to Vend Ecommerce -> Design -> Navigation.

2. Next click on Add Navigation List.

3. Create a new navigation list called footer menu and the Slug will automatically be created as footer-menu.

Please Note: Footer Menu or footer menu is the system default name which must not be changed or else the navigation will break, and it won't appear on your website.

4. Click the Add a link button and add your links to this navigation. For example, the heading navigation about-us will contain the links such as: About Us, Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy and link these to its own pages.

Please Note: The heading names in the footer-menu must match the heading navigation name or else the link will break and it won't appear on your website.

5. Repeat the step 4. for the next heading navigation.

Note: You can add collections, pages or external links to your quick links. Check this link for more information on how to do that.

6. Disable the Use column links in footer option from the Loft theme settings found under Design -> Theme -> Loft -> Footer, this will display your footer menu items like this store here.

Note: If you would like your footer menu items to act as containers for your links, leave the Use column links option checked. If you choose to do this, your footer will appear like this store here.

7. After you save these settings, your quick links will show up in your footer!