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What are notifications:

Notifications may appear in your Vend store when you are conducting store management functions such as CSV imports or deleting inactive products. If, for example, you are attempting to delete all of your inactive products but some of these products cannot be deleted, you will recieve a notification that will let you know specifically why this is.

Where do I find my notifications:

Your notifications can be found by selecting the bell icon along the top of the Vend screen. When you recieve a new notification a green dot will appear on top of the icon. When you see this, click in to the bell and review any unread notifications.

What causes notifications:

These notifications will be generated when completing product imports, conducting bulk account payments or deleting inactive products. When you initiate one of these processes you will recieve an on-screen notification like the one below:

Once the process is finished, Vend will send you information and let you know if any errors have occured.

CSV imports:

When you complete a CSV import, you will recieve a notification to let you know how many lines were successfully added, how many were updated, how many were ignored and if any errors have occured. If you do receive some errors, head back to your CSV file and check that all mandatory fields are filled out and that there are no special characters or mispelt column headers.

Bulk account payments:

When you conduct a bulk account payment using Vend's bulk account payment feature you will receive a notification letting you know the name of the customer and the amount that has been paid off from their outstanding balance.

Problems with deleting inactive products:

If you attempt to delete an inactive product that is still involved in an open sale or an active inventory movement, the delete will fail. Vend will send you a notification to let you know which product(s) these were and what's preventing them from being deleted.

Note: An inventory movement could include an inventory count, open order, return or stock transfer.

Reviewing your notifications:

Once you receive a notification, a green dot will appear on the bell icon in the top right hand side of Vend. By clicking into here you will be able read over any notifications you've recieved, make any changes if required and select Dismiss to clear the messages from the notifications screen.

If you were trying to import product or delete inactive products, address these notifications and try again.

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