Why am I missing sales from my Register Closure?

Why am I missing sales from my Register Closure?

My first sale of the day:

When the register is opened each day, you’ll notice a green button on your screen, that normally reads ‘Online’, reading ‘Loading’ and counting through your product list.

This is the computer or iPad that you’re running Vend on checking our cloud for changes to your product list like deletions, additions, or price changes, and updating your device accordingly. It’s important for Vend to do this so that you’re prepared in case the internet goes out.

However, if you create a sale before this is done (in a very large store, it could take a few minutes to count through all of your stock), it can cause a problem where your first sale of the day will fall out of the register.

The reason this happens is that even though we see just the hour and minute that a register was opened, the time in the background of Vend also includes seconds. For example, a sale may have been made at 08:34 and 20 seconds and the register may have been opened at 08:34 and 45 seconds.

Now, that first sale that was done before the countdown finished falls out of the register because it’s creation time is actually 8:34:25.

The best way to keep this from happening is to let Vend finish its countdown before processing your first sale. This can be as easy as clicking into the Sell Screen when you first turn on the computer, rather than when you do your first sale.

My last sale of the day:

Sometimes you my find that one or more sales are missing from the end of their day. There are a few reasons that this can happen:

  • Offline: Sometimes your internet connection signal may be weak and Vend can go offline as a result. This doesn’t mean you can’t load other sites or pages, but it just may not be strong enough to send sales to our cloud.

To check if you have sales stored offline, you can refresh your Chrome browser to send the sale up once you get your connection back.

If you are using the Register App on iPad, Tap the menu button at the top left, tap 'Online' and choose

  • Date or Timezone: Vend uses your computer or iPads’ time settings to apply times to sales, so whether its creation or payment time, Vend takes it from the computer you’re working on.

What this means is that if any of the times on your computer are incorrect, it will affect when your sales are timed.

If you suspect this is the case, check you time zone settings on the General Setup page in Vend. If that’s correct, you’ll want to check your computer’s settings too. Most modern computers have automatic settings that can be turned on.

If this doesn’t work, and you’re not able to find the cause, definitely let us know by submitting a ticket to Vend support!

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