How to perform a Register Closure

Closing your register on a pre-arranged schedule is very important. Most stores do this on a daily basis, and some stores do them based on when the owner is in, but in all cases, they total up their payments based on physical cash counts and printed credit card receipts and compare it to sales created and payments applied as shown in Vend.

To perform a register closure, follow the steps below:

1. Complete your card processing terminal's end of day process to get the sum of takings for that day (if you're using integrated payments, skip this step).

2. Count up all the cash in the cash drawer. If your store keeps a cash float in the cash drawer overnight, make sure you exclude this from your count, and leave it in the drawer.


If your store uses Vend's cash management feature, be sure to include all cash in your count. Your cash summary will appear in a separate section of the register closure, and your total cash here will be representative of your initial cash float, any cash movements during the day and any cash sales that were made.

4. In the payment total fields, record the amounts you've counted for each payment type.

5. Click 'Close Register'.


Use the 'Print' button to print a receipt of the register closure to include in your cash bag.

Your register is now closed. Ensure you store the cash amounts in a secure location, ready to be deposited!

Need more help with your Register closures? Check out this page here!

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