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Setting up your quick keys for desktop


If you are using the Retail POS (X-Series) sell screen on desktop you can set up your quick keys using the following guides:

Creating your quick keys layout

To add new quick keys or edit your existing quick keys layouts, follow the steps below:

1. In Retail POS, navigate to Sell > Settings in the sidebar menu.

2. Scroll to the Quick keys section and click Add layout.


3. Enter a Layout name.


4. Choose whether you would like quick key folders to stay open after you select a quick key.


Once you have given your quick keys layout a name, scroll to the Add products section. 

Adding a product

To add a quick keys product to your layout you can either search for the product using the search bar or use your barcode scanner to scan a product.


Adding a variant group

If you wish to add a variant group as a quick key, you will need to search for the product by name and select the parent variant (this is the product without the variant options listed in its name). Using the parent variant will bring up more options on the screen to select the variant options.

Adding a specific variant product

If you wish to add a variant product as a quick key, you will need to search for the product by SKU code and hit enter on your keyboard.

Specifying a drop zone

By default, your quick keys will be added to the next available space in the layout. If you'd like to specify where the next quick key will go, select an empty space in the layout.

If you have already added a quick key but wish to change its position, click and drag the quick key to a new blank square.

Creating a quick keys folder

To create a quick keys folder, click and drag one product quick key onto another.


To add more product quick keys to this folder, click and drag them into the folder.


Editing a quick key

When you are editing your quick keys layout you can select a single quick key to edit its details. On this screen, you can edit the label name of the quick key, enable an image, and change the quick key color.



You can also click on a folder to edit its name and color.

Show a product image on a quick key

To enable or disable product photos on your quick keys, choose the quick key you would like to edit and click the Show image toggle.



If you haven't added an image to the product yet you can do this by navigating to Catalog > Products. Locate the product you'd like to change and click on the pencil icon next to the toggle. This will take you to the edit product page where you can drag and drop image files onto your product.


Delete a quick key

To delete a quick key, click on it in the layout edit screen and select Delete quick key at the bottom of the window.


Managing existing quick keys layouts

In addition to adding new quick key layouts, you can also manage your existing layouts from the Settings page.

Change current layout

If you'd like to change the current layout of your register, click the Set as current layout button for your new layout.


Edit layout

To edit an existing layout, click the pencil icon. This will bring you to the quick keys layout edit screen, where you can add new quick keys and edit the order of your quick keys.


Duplicate current layout

Click on the duplicate icon to create a copy of your current layout. This is a great way to modify an existing layout for use on one of your other registers.



While a new layout will appear automatically when you do this, it may take up to 5 minutes for the contents of this layout to sync.

Delete layout

To delete a layout, click the trash can icon to the far right.


Enabling and disabling your quick keys layouts

To enable or disable the quick keys layout for your register, click the Enable quick keys for this register toggle.



You can toggle your quick keys on and off without losing your quick keys settings.

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