How to pair your PayPal Reader with Vend on iPad

If you are located in the US, UK and Australia, you can set up PayPal here to accept chip cards, contactless/NFC-enabled mobile phone payments, and traditional magnetic stripe credit or debit cards in store.


PayPal here does not integrate with Vend on Mac or PC but only integrates with Vend on iPad.

Vend Register app for iPad supports the following PayPal readers:

  • Chip and Swipe Reader
  • Chip and Tap Reader
  • Chip Card Reader
  • Mobile Card Reader
  • PayPal’s previous model, the Miura Reader


Card processing is subject to PayPal Here approval.

Create your Payment Type and connect Vend to your PayPal Here account

1. Log into your Vend store. Click on Setup on your side navigation menu (on Vend for iPad this can be found under Dashboard > Setup).

2. Select Payment Types.

3. Click the Add Payment Type button.

4. Choose PayPal Here from the drop-down list.

5. Choose Find out more or Begin Setup to get started.


You may be required to complete this in two steps if you have never signed up for PayPal before.

6. Sign in to your Paypal account. Confirm that you'd like to link Paypal to Vend and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your PayPal Here account.

7. Vend we will check the status of your account and let you know if everything is approved, or more information might be required.


If you see 'Action Required' you can contact PayPal on the number provided to check the status of your approval for PayPal Here.

8. Click Save Payment Type to finish up. Once these steps have been completed your new payment type will be available on your Vend on iPad app.


Pairing the terminal to your Vend account

On the Vend Sell Screen:

1. Add your items to the sale.

2. Select Pay.

3. Select PayPal.

4. A window will appear prompting you to connect your PayPal reader.

5. Once the reader is connected, Vend will show a window prompting you to take payment from your customer.

6. Once a payment terminal is found, the terminal will automatically pair with your register and the transaction will be sent to the terminal

7. Proceed with taking payment for that first transaction on the terminal by using your own credit card. Once payment is authorized, your Vend Register will automatically display a ‘Payment Received’ message

8. You can now do a second transaction to refund your credit card for the amount charged in the first transaction.

9. If you need to cancel the payment this must be done on the card reader or wait for the transaction to time out.

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