Setting up your Star TSP100 LAN for iPad

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Star TSP 100 LAN Setup for iPad

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to install a Star TSP100LAN for iPad

Device checklist:

In order to set up your receipt printer with your iPad you'll first need to make sure you have all the peripherals needed.


You will need a power cable for the printer and an ethernet cable to plug the printer in to your internet router. If you don't already have an ethernet cable ask your printer supplier to include one when you buy the printer or pick one up from your local electronics store.

Receipt Rolls:

Make sure you've got some 80mm receipt rolls ready to go. To load your receipt roll open the latch on the top right of the printer, place the roll inside and pull some of the paper through before closing the lid.

Cash Drawer (Optional):

You may also wish to set up your cash drawer at the same time, to do this you'll need a specialised cash drawer cable. This is similar looking to an ethernet cable but is smaller on one end.

Connecting your Star TSP100 LAN printer to your iPad

Important: These are the instructions for setting up your Star TSP100LAN. The StarTSP100 USB model is not compatible with iPads.

1. Plug in the ethernet cable to your router and connect the other end to the printer. The Ethernet port is the port located on the back left-hand side of the printer.

2. Next, plug the power cord into the power connector on the printer and into your main (AC) power supply.

Checkpoint 1: At this stage your printer should be connected to your network. Hold down the 'feed' button and turn the printer on. This will print two slips. The second slip should have the printer's IP address if successfully connected.

Note: Your IP address will be different to the one listed in the picture above.

3. On your iPad, connect to the WiFi connection in your store.

4. Open the Vend iPad app and Tap the menu icon. The sidebar will open.

5. Select Settings > Hardware > Add Printer to generate the “add printer” form:

register settings menu

hardware menu

printer add lightbox

6. Tap the blue 'Find' button. To auto-add your printer select “TSP 143”, if available.

Checkpoint 2: No printer found? We’ve got you covered: tap “printer model” and choose the Star TSP 143. Enter the printer IP address from the receipt slip printed from Checkpoint 1

7. Select a name for your printer. This can be anything you choose such as “Cashier 1” or “Receipt Printer”. Include your selection in the “name” field.

8. Select one of the following receipt options:

  • a standard receipt - this is a typical end-of-sale receipt.
  • a secondary receipt - this is a receipt that only prints certain items.

receipt type

9. Choose whether you'd like your receipts to be printed automatically. If you don't automatically print a receipt, you won't be able to manually print one during the sale.

10. Choose the number of receipt copies you’d like to print for each sale

11. Click “save” to add your printer.

Checkpoint 3: Run a test sale to ensure your setup is successful. If your receipt fails to print, go back to checkpoints 1&2. Remember to void the test sale after your receipt is printed!

Setup your Cash Drawer:

Once you've got the printer all set up, you can connect up the cash drawer.

The cash drawer connects to your receipt printer, and is triggered to open when you finish a cash or cheque sale and the receipt is printed by the printer. A manager or admin can also manually open the cash drawer directly within Vend.

To setup the Cash Drawer, open up the Vend Register app and follow the instructions below:

1. Tap the menu button to open the sidebar menu.

2. Tap 'Settings' and choose 'Hardware'

3. Select the printer you want to attach the cash drawer to

4. Plug the RJ12 connector cable (the one that looks like a phone line) from the cash drawer into the receipt printer

5. On the printer settings page, toggle the 'Cash drawer enabled' setting to 'on'

6. Toggle the 'Open cash on sale' setting to 'on'.