Recommended Hardware and Computer Specs for Vend


For a quick overview of all hardware and payments providers that currently work with Vend on iPad, Mac or PC check out the Vend Hardware Guide on our website.

Below is a list of Vend's recommended hardware, here you can find a selection of printers, scanners, cash drawers and label printers that work with Vend.

If you would like to set up this hardware yourself, you can follow along with step-by-step instructions by clicking on the relevant links below.

If you are a bigger store with more complex requirements or need some in-person help, our Vend Experts are here to help. They can completely remove the hassle of getting and setting up hardware in your store. Get in touch with a Vend Expert to arrange an in-person visit now.


Computers and Tablets

Vend is designed to run in the browser. This means it runs on most computers. We do have some recommendations to ensure you get the most out of Vend.


Operating System

Platform Windows Mac iPad
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Microsoft Surface Pro. Mac OSX Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra. iOS 11 or above. For more information about using Vend on an iPad, click here. or check out

Google Chrome 81+

Edge 80+

Firefox 72+

Google Chrome 81+ & Safari 10.1

Edge 80+

Firefox 72+

Dedicated Vend Register iPad app & Mobile Safari 10.3
Printing Star TSP100 (143) LAN or Epson TM-T88V LAN. You can also use the USB model of the Star TSP100 (143) if you prefer. Star TSP100 (143) LAN or Epson TM-T88V LAN. You can also use the USB model of the Star TSP100 (143) if you prefer. For LAN based printers we recommend Star TSP100 (143) or Epson TM-T88V. If you'd like to use a bluetooth printer for your iPad we recommend the Star 650II BTI or the Star mPOP. Note: USB printers are not supported with iPad.



Peripherals are things like receipt printers, scanners and cash drawers; in other words, items that you use with your computer or iPad to enhance functionality.

Below is a list of Vend supported hardware for Windows, Mac and iPad:


Receipt Printers

Windows Supported Printers:

Mac Supported Printers:

iPad Recommended Printers:

Other Important Information:

  • If you are planning to use a cash drawer, ensure your printer has an RJ12 port. Plugging an RJ12 cable from your cash drawer to your receipt printer will allow the cash drawer to open automatically after printing a receipt. For more information on this scroll down to the Cash Drawer section below. 
  • Printers for Windows and Mac will need the latest drivers to run. To download and install these drivers, select and follow the specific instructions for your supported printer here.

Vend DOES NOT support serial/parallel adapted to USB printers.


Barcode Scanners

Windows Supported Scanners:

Mac Supported Scanners:

iPad Supported Scanners:

For more information on setting up these supported scanners with Vend, check out this page here.


Cash Drawers

Vend supports two Cash Drawers, the Star SMD2-1214 and the Star SMD2-1317. In addition to these two, you can also use the Star mPOP (Bluetooth) for iPad which is a receipt printer and cash drawer in one device.

These can be connected to your receipt printer via an RJ12 cable and works with Windows, Mac or iPad.

To learn more about these Cash Drawers and how to set them up with your receipt printer, click here.


Barcode Labels

Vend has a built-in barcode generator to convert your SKUs into barcodes and print them to label sheets or a dedicated label printer.

For barcode printing, we recommend and support the Dymo 450 Turbo.

The Dymo 450 Turbo is available for both Windows and Mac, and connects to your computer via USB. For a step by step guide on how to set up your Dymo for Mac or Windows, check out these help center articles here.

While Dymo supports a range of different label sizes we recommend either the 11352, 30336 or 1738541 Dymo labels for use with Vend.

Other Important Information:

  • Labels printed from Vend are in the Code 128 barcode format and are readable by most 2D scanners.
  • Labels smaller than 21mm are not supported in Vend.

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