Shipping in Vend Ecommerce

Set up shipping methods

Shipping methods are used to specify the cost to ship to different regions of the world.

These can be set at a state/province/region-level. For example, in the USA, you can set a shipping rate per state.

Important: Additional tax is not charged on shipping methods. Make sure the prices you set include any necessary tax amounts.

You can also set different criteria for the way your shipping charges are calculated. These are:

  • Flat rate per shipment (a single cost, no matter the number or items)

  • Flat rate per item (a standard cost per item, with no cap)

  • Flexible rate based on number of items (a rate for first item, a rate per additional item, and an option to cap cost after a specified number of items)

  • Flexible rate based on subtotal (different rates for orders under or over a certain amount)

Note: At the moment, you cannot link shipping costs to weight.

Edit default International Shipping

By default, we'll create an International shipping method for you. This is the shipping method used as a catch-all for any countries you don't specify shipping methods for. It will be disabled to start with.

You'll need to set a price for International shipping if you want to use this.

  • Click the 'Rest of the world'
  • Click 'Edit'
  • Set the pricing formula
  • Click 'Save'
  • Click 'Shipping Methods' in the menu again.
  • Toggle 'Rest of the World' to on/green.

Don't want to ship everywhere?

Leave 'Rest of the world' disabled. Your store will only show shipping available to countries you've specified. You can't delete the 'rest of world' shipping type.

Create a new shipping method

You can create a shipping method for each region you want to ship to. Shipping methods are grouped by country.

  • Under the 'Settings' menu, select 'Shipping Methods'
  • Click 'Add New Shipping Method'

  • Select the country from the dropdown.

  • Name your method - your customer will see this name when they proceed to checkout.

  • Select the provinces that this rate will apply to. By default, all provinces will be selected.

For a more detailed breakdown on each of these formulas, click here.

  • Click 'Save Changes'

  • OR create an additional shipping method for this country by clicking the 'Add Shipping Method' button.

New shipping methods will automatically be enabled.

To add a shipping method for a different country, click 'Shipping Methods' in the side menu to start the process again.

Deactivate a shipping method

You can temporarily deactive a shipping method if you don't want to use it.

  • Open the Shipping Methods page
  • Find the shipping you want to deactivate
  • click the country name or pen icon on the right to edit it.
  • Toggle the switch on the right-hand side to off (grey).

Delete a shipping method

If you no longer want to use a shipping method, you can delete it.

To delete the method:

  • Open the Shipping Methods page
  • Find the shipping you want to delete
  • Click the trash can icon on the right-hand side to remove it.

Pricing Formulas

There are currently four pricing formulas that can be used to calculate your shipping rates in Vend Ecommerce.

Flat rate per shipment:

Choose this formula if you want to charge a flat rate regardless of how large your customer's order is. This is a handy formula when you are wanting to offer a standard, store wide shipping rate for a particular region or country.

Flat rate per item:

Choosing this formula will allow you to charge a flat rate on a per item basis. For example, if there are 4 items in an order and the flat rate per item amount is set to $5 then the total shipping costs for the order would be $20.

Flexible rate based on number of items:

You can use this formula when you want to charge a set price for the first product in a customer's order and a second price for additional items (up to a limit that you specify). You could use this formula to run promotions or discounts that incentivise purchases of more items.

The Flexible Rate calculator takes three inputs:

  • First Item Cost: the amount of shipping charged for the first item in the order.
  • Additional Item Cost: the amount of shipping charged for items beyond the first item.
  • Max Items: the maximum number of items on which shipping will be calculated.

For example, if you set First Item Cost to $15, Additional Item Cost to $5, and Max Items to 5, you would be charging $15 for the first item, $5 for the next 4 items, and $0 for items beyond 5 items. Thus, an order with 1 item would have a shipping cost of $15, an order with two items would cost $20 to ship, and an order of 5 or more items would cost $35 to ship.

Flexible rate based on subtotal:

When using this formula you are able to offer different shipping rates for different price ranges. You can using this pricing formula to create popular sales incentives by offering discounted shipping rates for orders over a certain amount.

You would use this pricing formula if, for example, you would like to offer free shipping for orders over $100. By looking at the screenshot below you can see that we have set 2 rates, one for shipping costs on orders under $100 and one for shipping costs on orders $100 and over.

You can add as many rates as you like using this formula. This allows you to have tiered shipping rates for specific price brackets.

Important information about the Flexible rate based on subtotal:

  • If you only set a single range (e.g. 0-99), don’t have an “and above” and the customer’s cart value is outside the above range (e.g. 100) then this shipping method will not be displayed to the customer.

  • The price range is inclusive of tax. Based on the above example if the exclusive price of your order is $90 but the inclusive price is $105 then the customer will be charged $0 as the order falls in the above $100 price range.