Authorize.Net FAQs for Vend Ecommerce

Authorize.Net FAQ's for Ecommerce

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Where do I set up my Authorize.Net payment in Vend Ecommerce?

In Vend Ecommerce, navigate to Settings -> Payment Methods and select 'Authorize.Net SIM' from the gateway dropdown menu. Here you'll need to name the payment method, choose which Vend payment type to map it to and input your Authorize.Net login ID and transaction key.

Where do I find Authorize.Net login ID and transaction key?

To find your Login ID and transaction key, check out this Authorize.Net article here.

What is the Sandbox Switch?

When setting up or editing your payment settings in Vend Ecommerce you may notice a 'Sandbox' switch. This should remain switched off unless you use a sandbox account account created via this page here.

To ensure that the Sandbox switch is turned off, navigate to Settings -> Payment Methods in Vend Ecommerce, select your Authorize.Net payment method and check that the sandbox switch is grey. If it's green, click it to switch it off and select 'save'.

Do you support test mode?

We do not support test mode in Vend and therefore you will need to ensure that test mode is disabled for your Authorize.Net account.

You can disable test mode by following the steps below:

  1. Login to the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface here.
  2. Navigate to 'Account' in the left-hand menu and select 'Settings'.
  3. In Security Settings, Click 'Test Mode'.
  4. Click Turn Test OFF to take your account out of Test Mode.

How do I configure the payment form that customers see when they checkout?

If you use as your payment gateway for Vend Ecommerce, your customers will need to fill out a payment form when pruchasing a product. If you require more information from the customer or wish to reduce the size of the payment form, follow the below instructions:

1. First up, head to and sign in to your account.

2. In the main menu on the left, Navigate to Settings -> Account

3. Locate the Transaction Format Settings section, click Payment Form and select Form Field

4. For each field you are adding, click the checkboxes for either View, Edit or Required. To learn more about each of these options check out the descriptions below:

  • View: By selecting View, the customer can view but not edit the information. This is useful if you'd like to display an invoice number on your payment form for example.

  • Edit: By selecting Edit, the customer will be able to view and edit the information but it is not required that they fill this field out. This is useful when you want to collect additional information from a customer such as email or phone number, but don't neccessarily require it.

  • Required: By selecting Required, the customer must must out the field in order to submit the transaction.

5. Once you are happy with everything, click submit.

What fields should I select for the Payment Form?

There are certain fields available on the payment form that won't be auto-filled by Vend Ecommerce such as customer phone number or fax number. If you want the customer to provide this information you can select it in the Payment Form but it will mean that the customer will need to provide this information.

To speed up the payment process for your customers we recommend customising your payment form like one of these two options below:

Option 1: Small, cut down form with only credit card data required

Option 2: Long form option that includes customer address information that will be auto-filled from Vend Ecommerce.