Setting up your Socket Mobile Scanner for PC, Mac or iPad


The Socket Mobile S700 scanner is currently experiencing issues scanning Bookland EAN codes. These codes are used globally for books and begin with the numbers “978”.

The Socket Mobile S740 scanner is unaffected by this issue and Socket Mobile recommends that retailers with affected S700 scanners reach out to their supplier to get the model replaced.

For all queries related to this issue, please contact the Socket Mobile support team.


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to pair your Mobile Socket Scanner for your PC, Mac, and iPad. The following models are compatible with Retail POS:

  • Socket Mobile 7Qi and 7Ci (discontinued by Socket)
  • Socket Mobile S700
  • Socket Mobile S740 and S760
  • Socket Mobile D740, D750 and D760
Windows MacOS iPad

Setting up a Socket Mobile scanner for Windows


Your Windows PC will need to be Bluetooth compatible to pair with the Socket Mobile scanner.

1. Press and hold the small power button until the Bluetooth LED turns blue and the scanner beeps twice


2. Your Socket barcode scanner is now powered on. For use with the PC, you'll need to ensure the scanner is set to keyboard mode. To enable keyboard mode, scan the below barcode



Try scanning the following barcodes directly on the screen, if it does not work, print off this page and scan it from there. These barcodes will also be in the manual that came with your socket mobile scanner.

3. Next open the Settings page by clicking the Windows icon and then the settings cog. Alternatively, you can search for "settings "in the bottom left search bar.

4. In Settings, click Devices from the list of options.



5. Click Add Bluetooth or other device at the top of the page.


6. Next, select Bluetooth in the Add a device screen.


7. Your PC will search for nearby Bluetooth devices, once it finds your Socket scanner, click it to pair. 


8. Wait a few seconds until the Socket emits a single beep to indicate that the PC has successfully paired with the scanner. Click Done in the pop-up menu to finish.

Your scanner is now successfully paired!

For more help using the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Barcode scanner, check out Socket Mobile's user manuals here.

Enable Auto Mode

Auto Mode allows you to automatically scan a barcode without the cashier having to handle the scanner or press the scan button, simply by waving the barcode in front of the stationary scanner.

This function requires a Socket Mobile Charging Stand. 


The Socket Mobile 7Qi, 7Ci and S700 do not support Auto Scan mode

To enable Auto Mode:

  1. Pair and connect the scanner to your device prior to placing it in Auto Mode. The Scanner is not discoverable when in Auto Mode and in the Stand.
  2. Scan the barcode below:
  3. Auto Mode is now enabled. Place the scanner in the Socket Mobile Charging Stand.


When the scanner is in Auto Mode, it will switch to presentation trigger mode when it detects power on the cradle pins.

When the scanner is removed from the cradle it will remain in presentation trigger mode until the user presses the trigger, at which point it will switch to manual trigger mode.

To re-enable Auto Mode, scan the above barcode again.

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