Setting up your Socket Mobile Scanner for Mac

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Important: Socket Mobile are retiring both their 7Qi and 7Ci Mobile Scanners for iPad at the end of 2018. Two new models have been released in their place, the S700 and S740. For more information on Socket Mobile's new Mobile Scanners, click on the links above.

Setting up your 7Qi/7Ci or S700/S740 Socket Mobile Scanner for Mac

To set up your Socket Mobile scanner for Mac follow the steps below:

Note: This is a bluetooth scanner so it will connect wirelessly to the Mac.

1. Press and hold the small power button until the LED turns blue, and it beeps twice (it will beep low and then high).

2. Your Socket barcode scanner is now powered on. Click the Bluetooth 'B' icon on the top right of your computer and select 'Open Bluetooth Preferences'.

3. This will open a window that will search for your scanner. Once it's been detected, click the pair button.

Your Socket Mobile should now be all setup! To test that it's connected, open up a notepad or word processing application and scan in a barcode. You should see the barcode number appear here.

Not working? Follow the steps below to reset and reconnect your scanner.

If you've connected your scanner to your computer but it's not scanning in any information, it may have been previously set to iOS mode.

To enable Keyboard mode, disconnect your scanner from the iPad and scan the factory reset barcode below:

Tip: Try scanning the following barcodes directly on screen, if it doesn't work, print off this page and scan it from there. These barcodes will also be in the manual that came with your socket mobile scanner.

Next, turn the scanner back on and scan the below barcode to activate HID mode:


Reconnect your scanner to your Mac via bluetooth.

For more help using the Socket Mobile Bluetooth Barcode scanner, check out Socket Mobile's user manual here.