Setting up your Star SM-220i for iPad

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Setting up your Star SM-220i Bluetooth Printer for iPad

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to install a Star SM-220i Bluetooth for iPad

Device checklist:

In order to set up your receipt printer with your iPad you'll first need to make sure you have all the peripherals needed.


As the SM-220i is bluetooth it does not require any cables to connect it to your iPad. The only cable you will need for your printer is the power cable.

Receipt Rolls:

Make sure you've got your 58mm receipt rolls ready to go. To load your receipt roll open the top latch, place the roll inside and pull some of the paper through before closing the lid.

Preparing your Star SM-220i:

First things first, begin with the printer switched ‘off’. On the back of the printer, click open the battery pack cover, insert the battery pack, and put the cover back into place.

Next, switch the printer ‘on’. It is now ready to pair with your iPad.

Checkpoint 1: The terminal may prompt you for a login. Use the default settings listed in your user manual or the details listed below:

PIN: 1234

Device name: Star Micronics

Connecting the Printer to your iPad:

1. Go to your iPad ‘Settings’, tap ‘Bluetooth’, and switch Bluetooth ‘on’.


Checkpoint 2: The Bluetooth slider should be switched to the right:. If the slider is to the left and in gray, tap again to ensure Bluetooth is ‘on’.

2. Once Bluetooth is enabled, the ‘Devices’ list will display below. Tap the ‘SM-220i’ to pair with your iPad. The device will be listed as ‘Connected’.

Adding the printer to the Vend Register iPad App:

Now that you've got your printer connected up to your iPad you're ready to add it to the Vend app. To do this:

1. Open the Vend iPad app and Tap the menu icon on the top left. The sidebar will open.

register settings menu

Select Settings > Hardware > Add Printer to generate the 'add printer' form:

hardware menu

2. Tap the blue 'Find' button. To auto-add your printer select 'SM-220i'.

3. Select a name for your printer. This can be anything you choose such as “Cashier 1” or “Receipt Printer”. Include your selection in the “name” field.

4. Select one of the following receipt options:

a standard receipt - this is a typical end-of-sale receipt. Choose this option if this is the primary receipt you’ll give to your customers.

a secondary receipt - this is a receipt that only prints certain items and is mainly used for kitchen printing.

receipt type

5. Choose whether you'd like your receipts to be printed automatically. If you don't automatically print a receipt, you won't be able to manually print one during the sale.

6. Choose the number of receipt copies you’d like to print for each sale

7. Click “save” to add your printer.

Checkpoint 3: Run a test sale to ensure your setup is successful. If your receipt fails to print, go back to checkpoints 1&2. Remember to void the test sale after your receipt is printed!

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