User Targets

Latest update: - Nat Dudley

The Home screen shows the targets for the user currently signed in. This can be a very useful tool for identifying top performing cashiers or sales reps, for example, and setting goals for each team member. 

The admin users can set these targets for any logins by going to Setup -> Users. This will take them to the user setup page, and you will see the option to add Daily, Weekly and Monthly targets for each user. 

Once the targets have been set, the user will be able to monitor their progress from the home screen. There will be a section called ‘My Sales’, which will show progress bars with the sales targets that have been set up for them and will be updated as they make sales. There is also a graph which shows them the history of sales they have made and can be separated into weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you want to know more about reports, you may find this article helpful.

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