Linking your domain name to Vend Ecommerce

Linking your domain name to Vend Ecommerce

If you have a pre-existing website or have purchased a domain name you can have it redirect to your Vend Ecommerce site. To do this, you or your domain provider will need to create CNAME record to point your domain name to your Vend Ecommerce site (e.g

What is a CNAME Record?

A CNAME is a DNS record type that will point one of your domain name to your Vend Ecommerce site. Think of it like a special key, that points website address A to website address B. In this case, creating a CNAME record will allow you to redirect any pre-existing domains that you own to your Vend Ecommerce (e.g site. For information on how to do this check out the steps below:

1. Purchase a custom domain

If you don't yet have a domain name, you can purchase one from a domain provider. Here you will be able to choose a unique name for your website.

Already purchased a domain but not sure who hosts it? head over to and type in your domain, this will provide you with your registrar's details. From here you should be able to navigate to your registrar's website and get in touch with them.

2. Set up your custom domain

There are two ways you can setup your domain name to redirect to your Vend Ecommerce site.

1. Contact your Domain Provider and ask them to create a CNAME record (Recommended)


2. Manually create a CNAME record by accessing your Domain Provider's DNS settings.

Contacting your domain provider

If you are not familiar with DNS editing we highly recommend you get in touch with your domain provider and ask them to create these CNAME records for you. They'll need to know the domain name(s) you would like to redirect, your current Vend Ecommerce store address (e.g and that you'd like to perform this redirect by use of CNAME record. It is important your domain provider knows to link this using a CNAME record otherwise the redirect will not work.

Once this is done, you can move straight on to step 3 .

Manually creating a CNAME record

If you are familiar with DNS settings you can redirect your domain name by creating a CNAME record in your domain provider's DNS settings.

To do this:

1. Head to your domain provider's site and log in to your account.

2. Navigate to the DNS settings, this may be called something different depending on your provider but should be found under DNS configuration, DNS file zone or in a domain management section.

3. Now that you have located your DNS settings you should be able to open your DNS records and see a list of your domain name entries. Here you will need to find your domain name and select the option to add or edit a record.

The terminology may differ depending on your domain provider but this record should contain the name of your domain, the record type (CNAME) and three fields; Host , Points to and TTL .

  • Host: enter the sub-domain prefix ( www for example).
  • Points to: Here you'll need to put your Vend Ecommerce store address (e.g
  • TTL: Leave this as the default value

Once this is complete save or add the record and confirm that a CNAME record has now been set for this custom domain.

Using a permanent redirect

If you have a root domain (e.g or you might like to redirect this also. Options may vary between domain providers but some allow for a "Permanent Redirect" option. What this will do is redirect your root domain ( or to your subdomain ( Because a CNAME record has already been set up for your subdomain, your root domain will now direct to your Vend Ecommerce site also. If you aren't sure on how to do this or are after some more information we recommend contacting your domain provider.

3. Add the domain name to your Vend Ecommerce site

Once this CNAME record or Permanent Redirect record has been created you will need to add it to your Vend Ecommerce site. To do this, navigate to your Vend Ecommerce adim dashboard, select Settings -> Domains and click "Add Custom Domain".

put your domain name in the box and click save.

Your domain name should now redirect to your Vend Ecommerce site! To test this out go to your domain name and check that it takes you through to your Ecommerce site.

What happens if I get a screen that says "Houston, we have a problem"?

This usually means that the CNAME record has been created and is redirecting correctly but the domain name is incorrect in your Vend Ecommerce settings. Run through step 3 again , make sure your domain name is entered correctly and then retry it.

What happens if going to my domain name takes me to my old website?

This will happen if the CNAME record has not yet been created or is not redirecting correctly to your Vend Ecommerce store. In this case you'll need to contact your domain provider again and check with them that the CNAME record has been properly created.