Getting Started with Vantiv Integrated Payments

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Vantiv Integrated Payments (previously known as Mercury) are an integrated card payment provider. They are fast, secure, and easy to use.

Vantiv Integrated payments run via Dejavoo payment terminals.


  • Are available to US retailers
  • Accept all major US credit cards
  • Have no setup fee
  • Provide the first terminal free
  • Offer no term contracts

You can read more about Vantiv Integrated Payments on the Vantiv Integrated Payments website.

This article includes:

Who can use Vantiv Integrated Payments

Vantiv Integrated Payments are available to US retailers using:

  • Vend on a Mac
  • Vend on a PC
  • Vend Register app on iPad (Click HERE for setup instructions)

How do I sign up for a Vantiv Integrated Payments account?

Exising Vantiv Integrated Payments (or Mercury Payments) Customer

Get in touch with the Vantiv integrated payments team at this number: 970-335-4893

New Vantiv Integrated Payments Customer

If you do not already have an account, click here to get started.

Once you receive your new hardware, you can contact Vantiv Integrated Payments Support for help with setting up your terminal with Vend.

Setting up Vantiv Integrated Payments

Once you've received your terminals from Vantiv, you're ready to start setting up Vantiv Integrated Payments in Vend.

Important: You won't be able to complete the following steps until you've registered with Vantiv.

Create the payment type in Vend

1. Log into your Vend store. Open the 'Setup' tab. (On the Vend Register iPad app this can be found under Dashboard - Setup)

2. Select 'Payment types'

3. Click the 'New Payment Type' button.

4. Choose 'Vantiv Integrated'

Set up each terminal

The following steps will need to be followed for each Dejavoo terminal you want to use. You can complete these steps on any computer, provided it's connected to the same network as the payment terminal.

Important: Each terminal can only be paired with one Register at a time.

Connect the Vantiv supplied terminal

1. Plug your terminal into your Internet router using an Ethernet cable (they need to be on the same network!)

2. Connect the terminal power

3. Turn the terminal on.

4. The screen should say 'POS Online.'

5. You will be asked to set the time on your payment terminal, please ensure this is correct as this will have an impact on the daily batch and settlement.

Connect the terminal to your Vend register

1. If you don't already have the payment type open, navigate to the Payment Types tab on the Setup page. Then, find the 'Vantiv Integrated' payment type, click 'Edit'.

2. Click 'Configure your Vantiv Integrated account with Vend'.

3. A prompt will open stating 'Vantiv Integrated Payment would like access to your Vend Account'. Click the 'Allow Access' button.

4. Enter the serial number of the terminal you want to pair with this computer (It's on the back of the Dejavoo terminal.)

5. Hit 'Next'.

6. We'll send a test transaction for $0.01 to make sure the terminal is connected and working.

7. In Vend, select 'Yes' to accept, then on the terminal choose 'x' to cancel.

8. If you have more than one register, choose which register you'll be using this terminal with.

9. Hit 'Next'.

10. Fill in your contact information and click 'Finished.'

11. This terminal is now set up.

If you're having trouble with connecting the terminal to Vend, contact

Repeat the above process for each terminal you need to connect.

When you open the Sell Screen, you may need to refresh your data. Click the green 'online' button at the bottom of the page, and select 'Reset Data'.

Connecting your Dejavoo terminal to your WiFi network (optional):

When you receive your Dejavoo terminal, you may want to connect it to your wireless internet rather than plug it into your router directly. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. From the Terminal's Idle screen press the Enter/OK Key

2. Enter the Manager Password: 1234

3. Go to Utility then press Enter/OK

4. Enter the manager password again

5. Navigate to Communications then press the Enter/OK Key

6. Arrow down to Local then press Enter/OK

7. Choose WIFI and pick the network you want to connect.

Note: The security protocol you need is WPA2

8. Next, go to Configure and set a password/passcode.

9. After entering passcode press the yellow key twice then go to Connect. Once it's connected press the Red or Yellow key until you are back on the POS > online or the Idle screen.

Reassign a terminal to a new register

If you want to use a terminal you've already connected with a different register, you'll need to reassign it.

1. Open the Setup page

2. Choose 'Payment Types'

3. Find 'Vantiv Integrated' and select 'Edit'.

4. Click 'Configure your Vantiv Integrated Account with Vend'.

5. A prompt will open stating 'Vantiv Integrated would like access to your Vend Account'. Click the 'Allow Access' button.

6. Enter the serial number of the terminal you want to reassign.

7. You will see an error message advising this terminal is already connected. Click the highlighted area.

8. You'll be asked to confirm you want to reassign the terminal. Click 'Yes'.

9. We'll send a test transaction to the terminal.

10. In Vend, select 'Yes' to accept, then on the terminal choose 'x' to cancel.

11. If you have more than one register, choose which register you'll be using this terminal with.

12. Hit 'Next'.

13. Fill in your contact information.

14. Click 'Finished.'

15. This terminal is now set up.


The terminal displays 'POS Online' but does not light up when I attempt to pair it to a register

Please confirm the terminal and the Vend register are both on the same local network (they must be on the same subnet). You may also follow the steps above to Reassign a terminal and run through the pairing process again to make sure it was completed successfully.

If you're not sure what this means or need some help with this please contact us here.

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