Vend Gift Cards

Things you should know:

There are a few important things to know about Vend Gift Cards before getting started:

  • If you integrate with Xero, you must map the correct account code to your gift card payment type. If you use QuickBooks Online, you must also map your account for liabilities in the Vend - QuickBooks Online mappings page. To learn how to do this for Xero, click here.To learn how to do this for QuickBooks Online, click here. 

  • Vend Gift Cards will require a stable internet connection in order for them to be redeemed. 
  • Vend gift cards will not work with third-party add-ons or eCommerce providers such as Shopify or WooCommerce. However, BigCommerce Gift Certificates can now be redeemed in-store.

  • All users can sell or redeem gift cards, but only admin users may view the gift card setup screen and enable Vend gift cards.

  • Once you enable gift cards, a product and payment option will be created. This gift card product is tax exclusive, but tax will be applied at the time of redemption.

  • If you are using Customer Loyalty, it will be earned by the customer who is redeeming the gift card at the point of redemption and not at the point of purchase.

  • If you currently use an existing gift card workaround or have a payment type named Gift Card, you will need to start phasing these out to use the new gift card feature. For more information on this, click here.

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Setting up your gift cards


If you integrate with Xero or QuickBooks Online, you must map the correct account code to your gift card payment type and your account for liabilities in the Vend - Xero/QuickBooks Online mappings page. To learn how to do this for Xero, click here.To learn how to do this for QuickBooks Online, click here.

Before you start selling your gift cards, you'll need to enable the gift card feature in your Vend store and acquire some gift cards to issue to your customers. To get started with this, check out the video or follow the steps below:

Turning on the gift card feature:

To activate gift cards head over to Setup -> Gift Cards and click the switch next to Enable Gift Cards so that it displays a green tick.


Only admin users may view this setup screen to enable Vend Gift Cards.

Once enabled, a product called Gift Card will be added to your store. A Gift Card payment option will also be added to the payment screen. This payment option will be used when a customer redeems their gift card.

Turning on Gift Card expiry:

On the Gift Card setup page, locate the Expiry section and click the button so that it displays a green tick. A Expires in section should now appear with a text field and a drop-down menu to customise your Gift Card expiry dates. For steps on how to set this up, check out this link here.


If you have a Xero or QuickBooks Online account connected to Vend, you will need to set up your store so that revenue posts to Xero/QuickBooks Online when gift cards expire. For information on this, click here.

Getting your Gift Cards:

After you've enabled the feature, you'll need to get your Gift Cards. You can purchase these from a gift card supplier or print out your own with unique codes. We recommend you use code 128 barcodes with unique alphanumeric codes between 6 - 16 characters. We also highly recommend you use non-sequential codes, this will reduce risks associated with fake gift cards and prevent people from guessing the next sequence easily.

If you are looking for somewhere to supply physical gift cards, Vend has partnered with Plastic Printers to help get you high-quality gift cards for your store. Enter the promo code "Vend11" during the online ordering process, and you will receive a special Vend discount of 11%.

Selling your Gift Cards:

Now that you've enabled Gift Cards you are all ready to start selling!


You do not need to prepopulate Vend with your Gift Card codes. You will input your unique Gift Card codes when you come to sell the Gift Card to your customer. For more information on how this works, follow the steps below.

To sell a gift card, go to the sell screen and bring up the Gift Card product in the search. If you are using the Vend on iPad and think you'll sell gift cards often, you can set them up as a quick key for easy access. To learn how to create quick keys head over to this article here.

Once you select the Gift Card product, a verification box will appear. This box will prompt you to input or scan the unique code on your physical gift card and verify this number.


If you scan in a gift card code that's already been activated you will receive a notification letting you know the current active balance of this card and an option to scan in a new code.

Once the code has been verified, enter the gift card value and click Add to Checkout.

The gift card is now added to the sale! You can finish this sale as per usual to complete the process.


Tax will not be charged on the gift card until the value is redeemed.

Redeeming Gift Cards


When a customer comes in to redeem their Gift Card, add their chosen products to the sale as you normally would.

Once the customer is happy with their selection, click pay. This will take you to the payment screen. To accept payment using a Gift Card, select the Gift Card Payment type.

This will prompt you to scan or input the gift card's unique code.


You can use this process to check the balance of a customer's gift card.

After the code has been successfully entered, you can click Pay with gift card to complete the sale.

Getting a message that says "Gift Card not Activated?" Try scanning the card again or entering it in manually and check that the code on the screen matches the one on the customer's card. If the error occurs again, then the gift card is not yet activated.

If a customer's sale total is greater than the balance on their gift card, you'll need to confirm the removal of their full balance and process the outstanding balance using another payment method.


If the customer only wants to spend part of their gift card, adjust the amount tendered balance in the payment screen before selecting the gift card payment type.

Reporting on your Gift Cards

Vend's Gift Card Reporting feature gives you a breakdown of your gift card totals for a quick overview of your gift card sales. It also contains a list of all gift cards sold, allowing you to bring up a single gift card to view its current balance and redemption status.

To access Gift Card Reporting head to the reporting tab in the sidebar and select Gift Card Reports.

If you want to learn more about Gift Card reporting and the kind of information you can get from it, check out this article here.


Currently your Gift Card report will only show you the last 1000 gift cards you have created.

Voiding a Gift Card Sale


Voiding a gift card sale is irreversible.

It is important that you do not reissue a gift card using the same code if the original gift card that used this code is still in circulation. This is to prevent two gift cards having the ability to redeem the same amount.

If a gift card sale has been made by accident and needs to be removed, you can use the Sales Ledger to void the sale.

By voiding a gift card sale, the sale will be voided, and the gift card will be re-credited with the redeemed amount.

To void a Gift Card sale:

Navigate to the Sales Ledger page and locate the sale in which the gift card was sold. Click on the sale line to expand the sale and select void on the right.

How do I check a Gift Card balance?

To check a customer's Gift Card balance, navigate to the sell screen and search for the Gift Card product.

Select the Gift Card product and input or scan the customer's physical gift card code. If this gift card has been activated, it is current balance will be displayed here.

Click Cancel to return to the sell screen or scan again to check another gift card.

How Gift Card sales show in register closures?

In your register closure report, you will see a table titled Gift Cards. Here you can view your total sold Gift Cards for the period as well the amounts redeemed.

How do I disable Gift Cards?

You can choose to disable Gift Cards if you no longer wish to use them in your store. To do this, head to Setup -> Gift Cards and click the switch next to Enable Gift Cards so that it turns grey.

Once you've done this, Gift Cards will be disabled, and you will no longer be able to issue gift cards from Vend.


You will still be able to redeem existing gift cards and view reports on gift cards sold before you disabled this feature.

What do I need to do if I have an existing Gift Card workaround?

If you are currently using Gift Cards in Vend and would like to use our new dedicated feature there are a few things you'll need to check:

  • We recommend you turn on Vend Gift Cards right away but start phasing out your old Gift Card system.

  • If before enabling Vend Gift Cards, you have a Gift Card payment option you'll need to rename this - we recommend old Gift Card.

  • If you have an active product that is named Gift Card, we recommend that you either disable it (if you do not need it for the redemption process of your old workaround) OR rename the product so that you do not accidentally choose the wrong one. Again, we suggest renaming this old Gift Card.

  • We also recommend you start using new (visually different) Gift Cards so you can easily identify if the Gift Card your customer is trying to redeem requires you to use the old process or the new redemption method.

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