Taking payments using Vantiv Integrated Payments

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Taking a payment

In the Vend Sell Screen:

  1. Add your items to the sale and click 'Pay'
  2. On the payment screen choose 'Vantiv Integrated'
  3. Vend will show 'Waiting for card swipe'
  4. The payment terminal will show the amount to pay.
  5. Your customer can then tap, swipe, or insert their card to complete payment.
  6. Vend will show you whether the transaction is accepted or declined.

Processing a manual transaction on Vantiv:

To do this, start by following the process above. When the Dejavoo terminal asks the customer to "Tap, Swipe or Enter Card#", select "Enter Card#". By selecting "Enter Card #” you will be able to manually process the card securely.

Processing a return

Returns are processed using the standard Vend return process. You can see this here.

Once you've selected Vantiv as the return type, the transaction will be sent to the terminal.

A manager will need to authorise the return using their password on the terminal.


I've lost internet access, can I still run a transaction?

There are a few ways to run a credit card transaction if you have no internet connection in your store.

Vantiv offers a 'Voice Authorisation' service (detailed in your original welcome letter) so you can call and authorise the credit card over the phone, to be processed and completed fully later.

The terminal says "Credit Sale" on the display

This happens when your terminal isn't properly connected to Vend anymore. This could be a problem with internet access at your store.

Check that your terminal is connected to Internet router, and you can access other web pages on your computer.

If you've checked that the Internet in your store is working, there may be a temporary issue connecting to Vantiv payments.

You may still be able to process an offline payment - this is outlined in the question above.

My customer has recieved a chargeback, where can I find the receipt?

To find the chargeback receipt, you will need to login to the Dejavoo merchant portal. Once you're in the Portal locate and click on the specific transaction that you're looking for. Under each transaction there should be a receipt icon. Click on the receipt icon to view the full receipt as well as the customer's signature.

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