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The Vend Register app is the Vend app for iPad. It's been specially designed to be quick and easy for retailers to use. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Vend Register.

To learn how to use Vend on iPad, refer to this article.

Minimum System Requirements

For the best Vend Register App experience, you'll need an iPad model is at least:

• Released from 2014 onwards
• Capable of running iOS 14+

These minimum requirements are in place because older iPads and older versions of iOS may be too slow or are missing some of the features required for the Vend Register app.

Before starting

Before you start setting up and using the Vend Register App, you will need to set up your Vend store including account configuration and adding your product catalog. 

We strongly recommend doing this using a Mac or PC for the best experience. Refer to our Vend Setup Checklist to complete the steps required.

Getting Started


Only administrators and managers can set up the Vend Register app. If you are a cashier, please speak to your manager or administrator.


Logging In

1. Open the app
2. Enter your Vend store name, username/email, password
3. Select the register you would like to use

sign in screen

Set up Quick Keys

Quick Keys are managed using templates.

You can create multiple templates, giving you the flexibility to optimise layouts for different stores, as well as for different occasions such as big sale times.


To create, edit and assign Quick Key templates, refer to the steps in our Setting up Quick Keys for Vend on iPad guide.


Quick Key templates sync between the web application and the Register app. You can create these on Mac and PC, or using the guide above.

Set up Barcode Scanners

There are two methods for barcode scanning in Vend Register:

  • Socket Bluetooth Barcode S700/S740 Scanner
  • Using the iPad camera for barcode scanning: Tap the product search bar and then tap the camera icon in the top right hand of the keyboard. Position the iPad camera over the barcode to scan and Vend will add the product to the Sell Screen. 
Set up Receipt Printing

Register enables you to set up multiple printers for each store and to print from multiple iPads to these printers. You can also set up split printing, where an additional receipt prints for certain items. This may be useful for printing a barista slip, for example.

Set up your Printer Hardware

Supported printers:

Star TSP 100 (143) LAN
Star TSP100III (Wireless)
Star TSP100III (USB)
Star TSP100III (Bluetooth)
Star 650II BTI (Bluetooth)
Star mC Print 2 (3)
Star SM-S230i (Bluetooth)
Star mPOP (Bluetooth)

Epson TM-T82II (Ethernet)
Epson TM-m30 (Ethernet)
Epson TM-m30 (Bluetooth)
Epson TM-T88V
Epson TM-T88VI

Set up your Receipt preferences

Standard receipt

A standard receipt is the typical end-of-sale receipt. This will be the default receipt template assigned to the register currently in use on Register. 

To create and manage receipt templates, you must use the web application on Mac or PC.

Refer to our Setting up your Receipt Templates guide to learn how.

Secondary receipt:

Secondary receipts can be used to set up kitchen or barista printing — where you may only want to print some transactions, and even specific products within specific transactions, to each of their printers.

To set up and use secondary receipts, refer to our Setting up secondary receipts for Vend on iPad guide.

Email Receipts

A customer with an email attached must be added to a sale to email receipts.  If you do not add a customer, the option will appear at the end of the sale.


Set up a Cash Drawer

If you're using the Vend Register app with a non-handheld printer, you can set up a cash drawer.

Vend Register supports any cash drawer that can connect to your receipt printer using an RJ12 cable.

The cash drawer connects to your receipt printer and is triggered to open when you finish a cash or cheque sale, and the receipt is printed by the printer. A manager or admin can also manually open the cash drawer.

You can configure one cash drawer per receipt printer.

1. Tap the Menu button to open the sidebar menu
2. Tap Settings and select Hardware
3. Select the printer you want to attach the cash drawer to
4. Plug the RJ12 connector cable from the cash drawer into the receipt printer
5. On the printer settings page in Register, toggle the Cash drawer enabled setting to On
6. Toggle the Open cash on sale setting to On

Repeat this for each cash drawer attached to each printer.


You must have at least ONE receipt printer with a cash drawer enabled to be able to open the cash drawer in the app.

  Restricted Access

For added security, you can turn on Apple's Guided Access feature on your iPad. This restricts access so that your staff can't access or download other apps on your iPad.

Ensure your shift manager has access to the Guided Access PIN number in case any hardware like barcode scanners need to be re-paired with the Register app.

To turn on Guided Access, check out Apple's instructions here.

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