Setting up Vend on iPad

The Vend Register app is the Vend app for iPad. It's been specially designed to be quick and easy for retailers to use.

To learn how to use Vend on iPad, check out this article.

This article includes:

Minimum System Requirements

For the best Vend Register App experience, you'll need to have at least:

• iPad models released from 2014 onwards
• iOS 11 or above

These minimum requirements are in place because older iPads and older versions of iOS may be too slow or are missing some of the features required for the Vend Register app.

What do I need to know before I start?

Before you start using the app there are a few important points worth knowing:

If you plan to use Vend's Gift Card feature, you'll need to enable it through the web version of Vend first. This can be done by accessing Vend on a computer or from Safari on your iPad. To learn more on this, click here.

Remember – we're introducing new features to the app almost every week so keep an eye out for the latest app updates. You can do this by following our blog, our Facebook page or our Twitter.

How do I download the app?

You can download the Vend Register app from the Apple App store on your iPad or just search for Vend Register.

Getting Started with the Vend Register app

You'll need to spend a little bit of time setting up Vend on iPad before you start using it.


Only administrators and managers can set up the Vend Register app. If you are a cashier, please speak to your manager or administrator.

Logging In

  • Open the app
  • Enter your Vend store name, username/email, password
  • Select the register you would like to use.

sign in screen

Quick Key Layout


Quick Key layouts can only be created and modified when you are online.

Quick Key Templates

Quick Keys are managed using templates. You can create multiple templates, giving you the flexibility to optimise layouts for different stores, as well as for different occasions such as big sale times.

Create a Quick Key Template

To create a Quick Key template:

  • Click the menu button on the top left of the Vend Register app to open the sidebar.

  • From the sidebar, Choose "Settings" and select 'Quick Keys'.

  • Click 'New layout'.

  • Name your layout


This layout can be accessed across all registers in all stores, so make the layout name specific if need be.

  • Once you have named the Quick Key template, click 'Create.'

Assign a Quick Key Template to a Register

To assign a Quick Key layout to a register:

  • Make sure you are signed into the correct register on the Vend Register app.

  • Click the menu button on the top left of the Vend Register app to open the sidebar.

  • From the sidebar, Choose "Settings" and select 'Quick Keys'.

  • Tap the layout you want to assign. It will turn blue and say 'Current Layout.'

Duplicate a Quick Key Template

Once a template is set up, you can duplicate it, making minor tweaks and optimisation a breeze.

To duplicate a Quick Key Template:

  • Click the menu button on the top left of the Vend Register app to open the sidebar.

  • From the sidebar, Choose "Settings" and select 'Quick Keys'.

  • Find the layout you want to duplicate

  • Tap the 'Edit' drop-down menu

  • Select 'Duplicate'. A new layout will be created with the tag (copy)

  • Tap the drop-down menu and select 'rename' to rename the new template.

Delete a Quick Key Template

If you are no longer using a Quick Key template, it can be deleted, provided you are not using it on another register.

To delete a Quick Key Template:

  • Click the menu button on the top left of the Vend Register app to open the sidebar.

  • From the sidebar, Choose "Settings" and select 'Quick Keys'.

  • Find the layout you want to delete.

  • Tap the 'Edit' drop-down menu.

  • Select 'Delete'.

Managing Quick Keys on a Template

Adding Quick Keys to a template

  • Click the menu button on the top left of the Vend Register app to open the sidebar.

  • From the sidebar, Choose "Settings" and select 'Quick Keys'.

  • Find the template you want to add Quick Keys to.

  • Tap the 'Edit' drop-down menu and select 'Modify layout'.

  • In the search field on the left, search for your product. You can search by name, handle, SKU, or product tag. This search will display any single products, composite products, and the parent product for variants in your search. You can also scan the product barcode to find it.

  • The product will appear on your quick key template.


Individual variants cannot be set up as a separate key. These are accessed using the same key on the sell screen.

  • You can have more than one page of quick keys - there is no maximum number! Swipe left to access the next page.
  • You can also move products you have already added to a new page. Press and hold the product, and drag it to the edge of the layout. The next page will appear.
  • Your changes will be automatically saved.

Deleting Quick Keys from a template

To remove a quick key or folder:

  • Press and hold the quick key or folder. A grey bar will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Drag the key to this bar.

  • If you have added a product to a folder, but you want to move it back to the main screen, you will need to delete it from the folder and re-add it on the main screen.

Editing Quick Keys on a template

You can edit:

  • Product label (name on the quick key)

  • Choose whether to show the image or not

  • Choose the colour. This can be helpful for categorising products, so it's easier for your staff to find them.

  • You can also tap and hold the product. This will allow you to drag it to a different position on the quick key layout


These changes will be saved automatically.

Adding Quick Key Folders to a template

You also able to group quick keys together into a folder. To do this, tap and hold a product and then drag it on top of the product you would like to group it with. This will create a folder.

You can then tap and hold any other product and drag it on top of the folder to add it. Alternatively, tap the folder to open it, and use the search bar to find the products you want to add.

Each folder can be renamed or changed colour by tapping the folder to open, and then tapping the pencil in the top left corner.


You can decide whether you would like to leave this folder open after selecting a quick key from it. This can be useful if you often add multiple products from a single folder into a sale.

What happens if I change/delete a quick key product?

Your quick keys are regularly synchronised with our servers. If you add new variants to a product or change prices or other details, these will update the next time your quick keys sync.

If you change a product to 'inactive' in the web app, the next time your quick keys sync, the key will be greyed out. If the product is permanently inactive, you may like to remove this key from your template, by editing the quick key layout.

When you delete a product from your store, the next time your quick keys sync, the product will automatically be removed from your quick key template.

If you would like the updates to apply immediately, you can manually sync your quick keys. Click the menu button. Tap the status near the top of the sidebar. This will open the sync statuses - click 'Sync all data' to start a manual synchronisation.

Set up Barcode Scanners (if required)

If you'd like to use a barcode scanner, you can use the Socket Bluetooth Barcode S700/S740 Scanner.

Follow these instructions to pair the scanner

Important: this app does not support barcode camera scanning/ Infinea scanners.

Set Up Receipt Printing

Register enables you to set up multiple printers for each store and to print from multiple iPads to these printers. You can also set up  split printing, where an additional receipt prints for certain items. This may be useful for printing a barista slip, for example.

There are five supported printers:

  • Star Printers - can be used immediately with the Vend Register app

    • Star TSP 100 LAN series - suitable for use in a store with a WiFi network.
    • Star TSP 650 series-  suitable for use in a store with a WiFi network (Ethernet connection to router) or via Bluetooth.
    • Star SM-S200i - suitable for mobile stores with no WiFi network. This printer connects via Bluetooth.
  • Epson Printers -  require configuration on a desktop or laptop computer before use with Register app.

    • Epson TM-T88V -  suitable for use in a store with a WiFi network.
    • Epson TM-T82II -  suitable for use in a store with a WiFi network.

There are two stages to setting up a receipt printer in the Vend Register app:

  1. Set up your printer hardware
  2. Configure the printer in the app.

Set Up Your Printer Hardware

Star SM-S220i and Star 650 series Bluetooth

The SM S220i is a handheld portable printer, which is great for mobile stores. Alternatively, the 650 series is a countertop alternative, which is great for stores with a fixed power supply, but no ethernet.

Both can only connect to one register at a time.

To set up:

  1. Turn on 'Bluetooth' in the app settings.
  2. Open the Settings app on your iPad.
  3. Tap the 'Bluetooth' option under 'General Settings'.
  4. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on.
  5. In the 'Device list' tap 'Star Micronics.'
  6. Type in the device PIN: 1234.
  7. For kitchen or barista printing, read the printing type section below.

Star TSP 100 series LAN and Star 650 series LAN

To set up:

  1. Connect your iPad to the WiFi network you'll be using.
  2. Plug the printer into the WiFi router (needs to be the one creating the network) using an ethernet cable.
  3. Make sure the printer is turned off.
  4. Hold down the 'feed' button, and turn the printer on.
  5. This will print two slips. The second slip will have the printer's IP address.

Epson TM-T88V and T82II

If you're using either of the supported Epson printers, your setup will be a little more complicated. When you first buy an Epson printer, it won't be able to connect to your network. You'll need to change the network settings by configuring DHCP.

This can be a bit scary if you're not very technical, so you might like to ask your IT support person (or friendly local geek) for help.

DHCP needs to be set on a Mac or Windows computer. You can't do this on your iPad, as the printer needs to be plugged into the computer.

Follow these instructions to set up DHCP

Once it's set up, you'll need the test receipt with the IP address on it. If you don't still have this, press and hold the 'push' button. The printer will print out the network settings.

Connect to the App

Once you have set up your hardware, you need to connect to the Vend Register app.

  • Tap the menu button in the top-left corner. The sidebar will open.
  • Open the settings menu in the Vend Register app. register settings menu
  • Choose 'Hardware' hardware menu
  • Click ‘Add Printer’ printer add lightbox
  • Enter the printer name
  • Tap the blue 'Find' button and check if your printer is automatically found. If so, select your printer. If not:
    • Tap printer model, and choose your model number. printer model number
    • Enter the printer IP address. Follow the instructions below to obtain the IP address for the type of printer you've chosen. Note: the SM-S220i does not need this, as it connects via Bluetooth.


You do not need to add any information into the "Bluetooth Adress" field When setting up a Bluetooth SM-S220i or 650II printer. If you get a printer not found error, check and make sure that this field is empty.

  • Choose whether this printer will print:
    • a standard receipt - this is a typical end-of-sale receipt.
    • a secondary receipt - this is a receipt that only prints certain items. receipt type

Standard receipt:

Once you've selected 'standard receipt', the printer menu will give you the option to customise your receipt header. This is the text that appears at the top of each receipt. Your store name will automatically be included.

You may like to consider including:

  • Phone number
  • Tax number (if required)
  • Website address

receipt header text and styling

You can add basic styling to this by tapping the words to select them, and then choose the 'BIU' option. You can then choose to add bold, italic, or underline styling.

The standard receipt will also include:

  • Store name
  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • Customer name (if applicable)
  • User
  • All products, including variants
  • Any notes
  • Discounts
  • Product prices
  • Payment Type

Secondary receipt:

Secondary receipts can be used to set up kitchen or barista printing - where you may only want to print some transactions, and even some products within some transactions, to each of their printers. You can have more than one secondary receipt printer, and each can have its own tag settings.

  • To change to secondary receipt, tap the 'receipt type' field, and choose 'Secondary receipt'. secondary receipt template with tags

A secondary receipt does not have a header or payment details. When printing to a secondary receipt, you can choose only to print items with a certain tag, for example 'coffee' and 'tea', or 'food'.

After you set the receipt type to 'Secondary receipt', the 'Print products by tag' field will appear. Turning on 'Print by tag' and specifying a product tag will cause a receipt to be generated by the printer ONLY when a product with that tag is included in the sale.

  • Tap the button to turn it on.
  • A new field will appear, called 'Tags'. You can add different product tags in here. Each tag should be separated by a comma.
  • Set the 'Cash Drawer Enabled' setting to 'off' - you don't want to trigger the cash drawer for a secondary receipt.


These tags must exactly match the tags you added when you set up your products. You can check these by logging into the Vend on Mac or PC, and clicking the products tab. You can then either look at individual products or use the 'tags' tab to see what you've already got set up. If you want to know more about setting up tags on products, read this article.

Now, when you make a sale with a tagged product, this receipt printer will generate a receipt as well as your main printer.


You can print both a standard receipt and a secondary receipt(s) to the same printer. Just add the same printer twice, and choose standard receipt the first time, and secondary receipt the second time. The printer will then print a full receipt, and the secondary receipt slip on applicable sales.

Example Setup:

  • You could tag all your coffee products in a café with 'barista' and all the items that need to be sent to the kitchen with 'kitchen'.
  • When setting up the printer by the barista, you'd then turn on 'tagging enabled', and specify the 'barista' tag. When setting up the printer in the kitchen, you'd select the 'kitchen' tag.
  • If I then sell 1 x coffee and 1 x eggs on toast, the following receipts will be printer:

    • Main printer - a sale receipt with all items, to be given to the customer
    • Barista printer - a receipt with only the coffee, so the barista can process the order
    • Kitchen printer - a receipt with only the eggs on toast so that the kitchen can prepare it.

The following items will be printed on a secondary receipt:

  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • User
  • Products, including variants (provided they match the tags specified)
  • Discounts
  • Line item notes

Printing configurations

  • Automatic Printing:

  • Select whether you'd like your receipts to be printed automatically. At the moment, if you don't automatically print a receipt, you won't be able to print one manually. *This is set for each printer, so make sure you've set all required printers to print automatically. *Number of receipt copies: *You can also choose to print multiple copies of the receipt for each printer.

Email Receipts

A customer with an email attached must be added to a sale to email receipts.  If you do not add a customer, the option will appear at the end of the sale.



Set up a cash drawer

If you're using the Vend Register app with a non-handheld printer, you can set up a cash drawer.

Vend Register supports any cash drawer that can connect to your receipt printer using an RJ12 cable.

The cash drawer connects to your receipt printer and is triggered to open when you finish a cash or cheque sale, and the receipt is printed by the printer. A manager or admin can also manually open the cash drawer.

You can configure one cash drawer per receipt printer.

  • Tap the menu button to open the sidebar menu.
  • Tap 'Settings' and choose 'Hardware.'
  • Select the printer you want to attach the cash drawer to
  • Plug the RJ12 connector cable from the cash drawer into the receipt printer
  • On the printer settings page in Register, toggle the 'Cash drawer enabled' setting to 'on'
  • Toggle the 'Open cash on sale' setting to 'on'.
  • Repeat this for each cash drawer for each printer.


You must have at least ONE receipt printer with a cash drawer enabled to be able to open the cash drawer in the app.

Set up payments

All the payment types you've set up in your store are available on the Vend Register app. However, only some integrated payment methods are available. These are:

Smartpay integrated EFTPOS and credit card setup (NZ)

Smartpay is an integrated payment service for New Zealand retailers.

You can connect:

  • 1 Smartpay terminal to 1 Vend register
  • 1 Smartpay terminal to 2 (or more) Vend registers. If both registers try to take payment at the same time, the terminal will queue the requests.
  • Multiple Smartpay terminals to multiple Vend registers (each Vend register can only connect to one terminal at a time)

Before beginning this setup, you'll need a Smartpay terminal. This will need to be set up to connect to your WiFi network.

Once your terminal is connected to the same WiFi network as your iPad, hit 1 on the keypad. The IP address of your terminal will be displayed.

In Register:

  • Tap the menu icon to open the side menu bar
  • Choose 'Dashboard'. The web browser version of Vend will open.
  • Click the 'Settings' tab
  • Choose 'Payments.'
  • Click 'Add Payment Type' and choose 'Smartpay' under Integrated.
  • Save your changes.
  • Tap the menu icon to open the side menu bar.
  • Tap 'Settings.'
  • Choose 'Hardware.'
  • Under 'Smartpay' Terminal, type in your terminal IP address. You can find this by pressing '1' on your payment terminal.


If you are using Smartpay payments, we recommend you leave the default 'credit card.' payment type set up on your account also, to enable you to record payments if your Internet connection is offline.

You're now set up to take Smartpay payments.

Set up iZettle integrated payments

iZettle are a payment company who aim to make setting up and processing payments fast, secure and super simple.

Using iZettle's secure card reader, you can process credit and debit card payments from the Vend Register app.

iZettle has low payment processing fees - the fees are lower the more transactions you process, and it is simple to set up.

Signing up for an iZettle account also gives you access to their free app, which provides you with reporting on your sales.

Who can use iZettle?

iZettle is available for customers in:

  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

The integration is only available on iPad.

Are there any restrictions?

Setting up the payment type

  1. Connect the iZettle Card Reader to your iPad via Bluetooth. You can find instructions on the iZettle help site here.
  2. You'll be prompted to download the iZettle app. Download this so you can access their payment reporting and refunds.
  3. In Vend Register, tap the menu button to open the side menu bar.
  4. Choose 'Dashboard'. Your Vend dashboard will open.
  5. Select 'Setup'.
  6. Choose 'Payment Types'.
  7. Tap 'New Payment Type.'
  8. Choose 'iZettle' and name the payment type 'iZettle'. Click Save.
  9. Tap the menu button to open the side menu bar.
  10. Choose 'Settings'.
  11. Tap 'Hardware' and select 'Login to iZettle'.
  12. Enter your iZettle account details and click 'Sign In'.

You're now ready to start taking payments.

Setting up Worldpay Integrated Payments

Worldpay integrated payments are an integrated card payment provider. They're fast, secure, and easy to use. You can use them for the Vend Register app as well as Vend on your Mac or PC.

If you've already set up Worldpay payments in your store, you don't need to set them up again. Just make sure you've assigned a terminal to the register you want to use, and they are connected to the same network.

If you haven't set up Worldpay, follow the instructions here. This can be done on your iPad or a computer - on your iPad, just open the side menu, and select 'Dashboard' to open the Vend back-office and get started. Then, just follow the directions in the link above.

Setting up Moneris Payments

Moneris Payments is an integrated payment solution for Canadian retailers. We have built an integration for the Vend Register app to make sure you can check out customers quickly and accurately.

If you haven't set up Moneris Payments please follow the guide here. To follow these steps, you'll need to open the Vend Register app, click on the side menu, and select 'Dashboard' to open the Vend back-office. Once here, you can follow the directions in the link above.

Please note that Moneris Payments are only integrated with the Vend Register app at this time.

Setting up Tyro Payments

Tyro Payments are an integrated card payment provider. They provide payments for the Vend Register app, as well as Vend on your Mac or PC. You can use Tyro Payments on the road or in store.

Each Tyro terminal can be paired with a single Vend register at a time.

If you haven't set up Tyro payments in your store, follow step 1 below to add the payment type. If you've already set this up in your store, you can move straight on to step 2.

1. Add the Tyro payment type

  1. In the Vend Register app, log into the store register you want to set up the payment terminal with.
  2. Open the sidebar menu.
  3. Under Dashboard, navigate to Setup - Payment Types.
  4. Click 'New Payment Type'.
  5. From the payment type drop down, choose 'Tyro' and give your payment type a name, for example 'Card' or 'EFTPOS'.
  6. Save this Payment type.

Once you have set up your Tyro payment type, you will then need to pair the terminal to Vend. To do this, follow the steps below:

2. Pairing your device

  1. Open the side-menu again and this time navigate to Settings - Hardware.
  2. Under 'Tyro', click 'Pair Terminal'.
  3. Choose your device and on the terminal:
    • Hit the 'Menu' button
    • Input your admin PIN (provided by Tyro)
    • Navigate to 'Configuration' and open the 'Integrated EFTPOS' menu.
    • Select 'Authorise POS' or 'Pair with POS'. A Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID) will appear on the screen.
  4. On Vend, input the Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID). Click 'Authorise'.
  5. Wait a few seconds, then hit 'start' on the terminal. This will pair the Tyro terminal with your Vend account. Click 'OK' on the popup message in Vend.
  6. You can also choose to print your Tyro payment receipts via the inbuilt Tyro terminal printer or print them with your regular thermal printer. This setting only applies to EFTPOS receipts, not your normal Vend receipts. You can toggle this on and off from the Settings - Hardware screen in Vend.

Your terminal is now set up and ready to go!


If you would like to test the payment settings, edit the payment type and click the 'configure Tyro' link again. Choose 'I know what I'm doing', and click the 'Test' button.

Setting up Paypal Payments

Paypal card payments are available in the US. To set up Paypal payments with your store check out this article here.


Paypal Check-ins are not currently available for the Vend Register app

Restricting access on your iPad

For added security, you may like to turn on Apple's Guided Access feature on your iPad. This restricts access so that your staff can't access or download other apps on your iPad, keeping them focussed on serving your customers, rather than playing the latest games!

If you're not going to be on-site all the time, you may like to ensure your shift manager has access to the Guided Access PIN number in case any hardware like barcode scanners need to be re-paired with the Register app.

To turn on Guided Access, check out Apple's instructions here.

You're now ready to start making sales!

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