[Perkville] Will my customer receive points from sales made in my Shopify Store?

Latest update: - Chris Downs

If I have Vend integrated with my Shopify store & Perkville connected to my Vend Account will my customers receive points from online sales?

Yes! If you have Perkville and Shopify both integrated into your Vend store your customers will receive points for their purchases made in your online store. 

What do I need to do?

Once you have Perkville & Shopify integrated into your Vend Store there is no additional setup required.

How do my customers' Shopify purchases go to Perkville?

Shopify sales appear in your Vend history just like a normal sale, when Perkville connects to your Vend Store each morning the system will pull these sales and send the customer a points email just like your normal sales.

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