How to process a refund that originated from Shopify

Latest update: - Mat

This guide illustrates how to process a refund for an online sale if your Vend account is integrated with Shopify.  

1. Void the sale in Vend:

  • First up, find the transactions in Vend and void them. The ordered inventory will be returned to stock in Vend.  

2. Cancel the order in Shopify:

  • Next, you'll need to cancel the order in Shopify. To do this, find the transaction in Shopify and select 'cancel order'. This will take you to the page shown below. On this page ensure that 'Refund Payment' is ticked and that you've unchecked the 'Restock Items' option.

  • Once you've confirmed this looks correct, click the 'cancel this order' button.


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