Sending On Account Sales to Xero

Account sales are sales where you issue an invoice for the sale of goods/services to the customer. Turning on the Xero integration allows you to create invoices for account sales in Xero easily.

Important notes:

  • Account Sales must have a customer associated with them
  • You are unable to take an overpayment on an On Account sale when you have the Xero integration turned on. This includes typing the cash amount tendered into Vend, rather than the exact amount (for example $50 cash payment for a $48.75 sale).
  • If an Account Sale invoice is set to draft or pending it will need to be set to approved before you can take payment in Vend.
  • Once you've placed the sale On Account, you should not add more items to the sale, as the invoice total in Xero will not be updated.
  • If you apply a payment to an on-account sale in Xero, the payment will automatically sync over to Vend.

How does it work?

Make the Sale

  • On the Sell Screen, add the items, add the customer to the sale, click pay, and choose 'On Account'.
  • The sale will be posted to Xero, creating an Accounts Receivable invoice. The status of this invoice (approved, awaiting approval, or draft) is determined by the setting you chose when you turned the integration on.

Set a due date for the sale

If you do not have a default due date set for sales invoices in Xero, on account sales will be due immediately after they are created. If you'd like to set a new default due date for on account sales, check out this article here.

Take payment for the sale

You can take payment for the sale in either Vend or Xero.

  • Receiving payment in Xero:

    When applying a payment to an on-account sale in Xero, the payment will automatically sync over to Vend. You can manually check for Xero payments.
  • Receiving payment in Vend:

    • Locate the customer's on account sale in Sales History, and click Continue Sale
    • Click Pay and apply the payment amount.
    • If the sale is not entirely paid, click On Account to put the remainder of the balance back on account.
    • The payment will automatically post to Xero. 

What happens next?

When you close your register at the end of the day, any account sales started, and any payments made against account sales will be noted in your closing report.


Please note, once an invoice has been posted to Xero, the items in the Xero invoice become fixed. I.e., if you add or remove items from the account sale in Vend, these changes will not post to Xero (the Xero API does not currently permit this). Only payments will post through against the Xero invoice.

Reconcile the invoice and payment in Xero

It is important to note that account sales payments are noted on end of day/register closure invoices posted to Xero. This is to balance payments already assigned to their original invoice in Xero.


If you received payment for the sale in Vend, you'll need to reconcile the payment when it's deposited into your bank account and appears in your Xero payment feed.

Remember, this payment will likely be combined with the deposits for the daily sales/register close amounts for that day in your account (whether that is cash or card payments).

You may need to reconcile the deposit against multiple invoices - the invoice for your register closure, and the invoice for your account sale. Check out Xero's help article on how to complete this process.


For more information on Using Xero on Vend, check our articles here.

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