Graphing outside of Vend

This article will detail how to create graphs based on sales data outside of Vend, just like the widgets on the Dashboard. You can also use this tutorial to teach yourself how to pull any data out of Vend (not necessarily Sales data) to create different types of graphs. 

We will be using Microsoft Excel for Mac, but the steps should be similar for OpenOffice / Excel for Windows.

Firstly, we need to extract the data we would like. I'm going to make a sales totals by day graph.

So, navigate to Reporting > Sales Reports and run a sales report.

Then, we export the Sales Data that we are interested in.

 We then open this in Excel.


 Then we navigate to the line graph button in Charts:


Now create this, and go to select the appropriate data:


Your 'Chart data range' is the ' Sales incl. tax ' row and then the date headings are the ' Category (X) axis labels ':


 Lastly, We create the graph!


Note: You can, of course, format this graph further by playing around with the values and settings, then see how you go.