Editing products using a Spreadsheet file

Sometimes, you might need to edit a lot of your products at once. This might be because you're changing pricing, or it's the end of a season and you need to deactivate products, or you want to update your tags or product types.

What do I need to know before I begin?

  • Always save a backup copy of your CSV file before you start editing it.

  • Always remove stock/inventory columns.

  • Do not change or remove the ID column or IDs themselves. This is a number Vend generates as a unique ID for each product. Leave the field blank when you're creating new products.
  • If you want to update your stock levels, make sure you either  complete a stock order (to add stock)  or  an inventory count (to remove stock).

  • Leaving the type or tag fields blank will overwrite any preexisting type or tag data you have in Vend. For more information on these fields check out this list here.

  • Leaving the tax rate fields blank will NOT update the tax rate to your store's default rate.

Important: Updating SKU's through a CSV import will not automatically update the next SKU sequence number in Vend. If you make any changes to your SKU's using a CSV import we strongly recommend you check your current sequence number in Setup - General and update it if necessary to avoid any SKU duplication going forward.

How do I do it?

To update your products using a CSV file, follow the steps below:

1. Open the product tab. Click the 'Export List' button to export out a list of your products. If you only want to update a portion of your products, for example, the items from one supplier, you can filter this first and click 'Update Filter'. 

2. Make a copy of the exported file and save it, so you have a backup in case you make a mistake. You should never edit your backup file directly.

3. Open the downloaded file in Excel or use free spreadsheet software such as Google Docs, Open Office or Libre Office.

4. You should always delete all of the inventory columns (including their headers) when editing product CSV files. This is so any changes in your inventory levels due to sales you make while you are working on the CSV are not overwritten when you reimport the file.

5. Update the necessary fields. If you're not sure what should go in each field, check out our article on product CSV importing.

6. Save the CSV file.

7. On the product page, click 'Import Products' to import the file back into Vend. Make sure you pick your edited file, not your backup file.

  Upload not working?

Check out our CSV troubleshooting page

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