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Import Products Into a Stock Order from a CSV File


You can quickly and easily import products (including supply price and quantity) to a new or saved order from a CSV file.

This is a great way to quickly create a large purchase order, such as from a data file created by a handheld inventory scanner.

Follow the steps below to do this:

Create your CSV file

You need to set up a CSV file with your order items. 

Download an example  CSV template  below to get you started, or create a CSV file using your spreadsheet software (we recommend Open Office, although you can also use Excel or Google Docs) with 4 column headers:

  • Handle [Optional field] - the product handle (must match an existing product in Retail POS)
  • SKU [Mandatory field]  - the product SKU (must match an existing product in Retail POS)
  • Supply price [Optional field] - the per-item supply price; this is important for average costs figures
  • Quantity [Mandatory field]  - the quantity for each item you wish to order

Add your products to your CSV file. To make this easier, you can export a CSV list of product SKU and handles, filtered by tag, supplier or name.


If you select a supplier for your stock order, all the products imported must have the same supplier as the supplier selected

Import your CSV file into a stock order
1. Navigate to Inventory -> Stock Control and click Order Stock

2. Fill out the required fields

3. Under Products, click Import via CSV

4. Click Choose File and select the CSV you created


5. Save the order and the imported items will appear on the complete order screen



To import items in a CSV file to an existing supplier stock order or stock transfer, select a previously saved stock order or stock transfer and click the Import Products button. Follow the prompts to complete

Once you have received all the items in your order, select Save and Receive.

My stock order has only let me receive in one page, but there are over 1000 products left in my order?

All orders/transfers can only be received by 200 products at a time. Therefore, if you are receiving a large order (over 200 products), the first page you receive is essentially one ‘page’ of products of the total order. To receive the remaining products left in your order, follow the steps below:

  • Follow the steps as normal on how to receive a stock order.

  • Once you have received your first page of products, you will notice that only 200 products have been received. Select Receive at the top of the screen of the same order to receive the next page.

Note: When you select to Receive your next set of items, only unreceived items will be received. You will not be able to receive items that have already been received previously in the current order you are processing.

  • Once you have received all the remaining products left in your order, you will no longer be able to select Receive. This signals that you have received all the products in your order.

  • Head to your Stock Order page to see all the products received in the order.

What happens if I add a product that is not from the supplier selected in my order?

If you include a product that's from an incorrect supplier, when we import your CSV file, we will delete this item.

What happens if I add a product but don't tell you what the supply price is?

If you don't specify a supply price for an order, we will use the supply price on the product page for that product.

What happens if I add a product and tell you the supply price is different from the supply price on the product page?

The product will be added to your order, and the supply price you tell us will be used for that order. Don't worry, this doesn't change the price on your product page - just for this order and will be used for reporting later on.

What happens if I add the same product twice to my CSV file with a different supply price?

We'll assume you're getting it at two different supply price levels, and add it as two different items to your order at each supply price.

What happens if I add the same product twice to my CSV file with the same supply price?

We'll assume you made a mistake and add all the quantities together, so you only have the product listed once. 

Note: It is not possible to import items to an order after it has been marked as Sent.


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