How to transfer stock

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Navigate to Inventory -> Stock Control

Choose where you wish to take stock from by clicking on the drop down menu. Choose where you wish to have the stock delivered to by clicking on the drop down menu. Choose a name /reference which will be used to identify this stock transfer.


Choose whether you wish to use the autofill from reorder point (this was defined when the product was added). If you select this option, if your stock count is less than the reorder point, the reorder count will automatically be ordered.

By clicking Save, you will be taken to the 'Edit Consignment' page for the location to which you are sending stock. 


Add products by typing in the product name in the search box, Vend will bring up the product, if there are several similar products, click on the correct one. Enter the quantity being transferred to this location. Click 'Add', this will create a line in this window showing the details of your stock transfer including the cost of the stock.

Keep adding products until your order is complete.

Once complete, click 'Save' to save your changes.

You can now view the stock order/transfer and if you are happy to send the order, you can click "Send" to email the order, otherwise click the link, "Mark as sent".
If you are emailing the order, complete the required fields with the relevant person's contact name, email, subject and message. The status of this stock transfer will now be changed to 'Sent'.

To return to the main 'Products' page, simply click on 'Products' at the top of your screen.

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