How to transfer stock

Transferring stock between outlets in Retail POS allows you to maintain accurate inventory levels when physically sending products to other locations within the business, such as from a central warehouse to an outlet, or from outlet to outlet. 

Create a stock transfer

1. Navigate to Inventory > Stock Control and click Transfer stock


2. Select the Source outlet where the inventory will be removed from, from the drop-down.


3. Select the Destination outlet where the inventory will be sent to, from the drop-down.


4. Enter an alternative Reference, if you do not wish to use the auto-generated reference.


5. Select a Date for the transfer to take place (optional).


Move on to the Add products to the transfer drop-down below for steps to add products to the transfer.

Add products to the transfer

Now that the transfer details have been added, you will need to add products to the transfer.

1. Add products to the transfer by typing in the product name or scanning the barcode in the Search or scan to add product search box.


2. Retail POS will display the matching product(s). Select the one you wish to add to the order.



If the product has not yet been created in Retail POS, type in the name of the product and click Add "X" as a new product. This will surface the quick add a new product modal and prompt you to enter the minimum information required to add a product to your catalog.

For more information on adding new products this way, refer to our Using the quick add product modal guide


2. Once a product has been selected, enter the Quantity of this product that you are transferring.



If a product with variants is selected, a pop-up screen will open for you to select the specific variants you would like to add to the order. Once the variants are selected and the quantity is specified click Add variants to order.


Keep adding products until your order is complete. Once complete, click Save transfer to create and save your changes.


There is a line item limit of 200 products per transfer

Add products via CSV

You can import products (including supply price and quantity) to a new transfer from a CSV file. This is an excellent way to quickly create a large transfer, such as from a data file created by a handheld inventory scanner.

You need to set up a CSV file with your transfer items. Download an example CSV template  below to get you started, or create a CSV file using your spreadsheet software (like Excel, Open Office or Google Docs) with 4 column headers:

  • Handle [optional field] - the product handle (must match an existing product in Retail POS).
  • SKU [mandatory field]  - the product SKU (must match an existing product in Retail POS).
  • Supply price [optional field] - the per-item supply price.
  • Quantity [mandatory field]  - the quantity of each item ordered.


Once the CSV import file is ready, select Import via CSV and clickImport CSV, then choose the file to upload your saved CSV file.

Sending the transfer

You now need to send the transfer to the destination outlet in order to remove the stock from the source outlet.

1. Navigate to Inventory > Stock control and locate the transfer. Click Outlet transfer under the number column for the transfer.


2. Click Email order. If you do not require email notification of the transfer to the destination outlet, skip to step 4.


3. Enter the Recipient name, Email, CC and Message fields. Once completed, click Send.


4. Click Mark as sent.


Once marked as sent, the transfer will be able to be received at the destination outlet.

We strongly recommend waiting until the physical products have been received at the destination outlet and can be confirmed against the transfer before receiving the transfer in Retail POS.

Receiving the transfer

Once the products has physically arrived at the destination outlet, the inventory needs to be added to the destination outlet in Retail POS by receiving the transfer.

1. Navigate to Inventory > Stock control.


2. Select Sent orders from the Show drop-down and click Update.


3. Locate the order and click Receive.


4. Ensure the amount physically received matches the transfer and enter the amount into Received


5. Click Save and receive.



Transfering stock in Retail POS is for internal inventory movements between outlets and/or central warehouse(s).

For information on ordering products from your suppliers, refer to our How to order stock (purchase order) guide.

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