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Exporting your Product List from Retail POS (X-Series)

How do I export my product list?

To export your store's product list, navigate to navigate to Catalog -> Products in the sidebar.

Your entire product list will be shown here. However, if you only want to export selected items you have the option to filter your product list by Name, SKU, Handle, Product Type, Brand, Supplier, Tag or inactive or active status. To do this, add the information you want to filter by into the respective fields and click 'Search':


You'll notice the product list below has now changed based on the filters you've applied.

Once you are ready to download your products click the button labelled 'Export List' to the right of the screen. Choose from the drop-down list whether you want to export your product list as a .csv file or as an excel file format. Both formats are compatible with Retail POS and with most spreadsheet applications.





If exporting to an XLSX file, you are only able to export out 5,000 products at a time. Use filters to ensure you are under this number. Alternatively, you can export out your entire product list to a CSV file.

Once you've chosen the file format you want, your download will begin automatically, and a progress bar will appear on the screen. Once this is complete, you will find the file in your downloads folder and can choose the spreadsheet application you would like to open it in, such as Excel or Open Office.

If the download does not begin automatically, click on Click to start download.

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