Accounting for landing costs

Latest update: - Team Vend

Importers can account for landing costs two ways in Vend depending on whether they want to allocate the cost at a per order or per product level.

Per order level

  1. Create two new products called respectively 'shipping costs' and 'import duty' with no tax and no price and if integrated to Xero, an account code showing where 'sales' of this product should be mapped. Turn off stock tracking.


When the order is received, add in these products and type in the cost.


Vend has now added these costs to the order.

Per Product Level

  1. When the order is received, decide how you wish to spread the landing costs against the goods and overwrite the supply price with the new cost (supply price + landing costs) by clicking in the cost field.


Vend will now reflect this cost in the 'average item value' in the stock on hand report.

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