How to bulk delete products in Vend

Deleting products one by one can be a tedious task. Luckily we have a quicker method!

Important: For products with variants this method will only work if the entire product is made inactive. Individual variants cannot be made inactive, only the parent product.

Here is how you do it

1. Export the product list containing the items you wish to delete, this can be filtered using any of the tools on the product page or just leave the fields blank if you wish to export everything.

2. Open the file you just exported in your favourite spreadsheet editor (we recommend Google Docs or Open Office), from here set the Active field to for any products you wish to delete.

Important: Make sure you remove all inventory columns from this spreadsheet before reimporting it.

Once this has been done, go ahead and hit Save. Please note, if you are using Microsoft Excel make sure that your that data has not been truncated.

3. Jump back into the Product page in Vend and re-import the spreadsheet you just edited.

4. Wait a few minutes and refresh the page. Ensure that all the products you deactivated are now in the Inactive tab.

5. Once the file has fully imported, filter the status drop-down from Active to Inactive.

6. Finally, hit Delete all inactive products to delete these products.