What does Vend offer for customer support

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Vend offers several different kinds of support to our customers.

  1. Support articles in our Help Centre
  2. Email support
  3. Priority phone support
  4. Vend Expert Partner support

Self-service Priority phone support Vend Experts
Set up By yourself and with the help of Vend resources such as Help Center and our Getting Started Guide. Remotely over the phone with a Customer Support Advocate. A Vend Expert will come to your store and help you get started with Vend.
Ongoing Support
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Support
  • Help Center Articles
  • Priority Phone Support
  • Support from a local Vend Expert
  • Usually, in-person support
Perfect for... Small stores, with a low number of products, and technically savvy people. Stores with medium complexity and up to two outlets, who could benefit from a bit of over-the-phone assistance. Complex stores or retailers with more than 2 outlets, or several add-ons, who want in-person help setting up and running their Vend store.

Support articles: Free for all customers

The Vend Help Center is an open resource for all Vend users. It contains articles, video tutorials, tips and tricks for setting-up Vend, running your store, and troubleshooting your Vend account 

Email support: Free for all paying customers

Paying customers requiring assistance can send a direct email or ticketed queries to Vend's support team for individual support.

  • Email us at support@vendhq.com or submit a support ticket .
  • Include your store URL, and an outline of the problem, including any steps you've taken to try and fix it so far. It's helpful to tell us:

    • when the problem started occurring
    • whether it happens all the time, or is intermittent
    • whether is affects all items (e.g., all products, all customers, all quick keys) or just some of them.

Priority Phone Support: $19 per month.*

Priority Phone Support

With priority phone support, you'll be able to call our support team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our support team can work with you to solve your problem, or to show you how to use a feature of Vend you're confused about.

*Advanced plans only. Priority phone support is included for free for Multi-Outlet plans.

Vend will provide you with a telephone number for phone support when you sign up for this.

To sign up for priority phone support, navigate to Setup -> Accounts on the Vend sidebar and choose Priority Phone Support under Select Additional Options.

Expert Partner Support is provided by certified Vend Expert partners.

Price and terms of service are set at the discretion of individual partners and customers.

Partner support often includes:

  • Onsite support
  • Setup assistance
  • Email & Phone support
  • Hardware setup and support
  • Bundled hardware packages
  • Vend training
  • Integrations and 3rd party add-on assistance

Find a Vend Expert partner near on our Expert Directory.

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