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How to add products into Retail POS (X-Series)

Setting up your product catalog is a great way to ensure the success of your store. A well-set-up product catalog makes for an efficient sales process, accurate reporting, and better inventory management.

The first step to achieving this is to add your products correctly.

Types of products in Retail POS

There are three different types of products that can be added to your store:

  • Standard product  
    • A single product with a single SKU and its own inventory
  • Product with variants
    • A group of similar products that are offered in different variations, such as size or color — each variant is a unique SKU with its own inventory
  • Composite product
    • Different products packaged together to create a product bundle, multi-pack, or fractional products

Understanding product data fields

Retail POS caters to many different types of retailers, each with specific goals and needs, which is why we offer a range of data fields to capture your product catalog.

To better understand what each product data field relates to and how to use it, we recommend using our Understanding your product catalog fields guide in conjunction with this guide when adding your products.

Adding products to your catalog

You can either add products individually or use a spreadsheet to import them in bulk.

Add products individually

Bulk importing products

Using a spreadsheet (CSV, XLSX, or XLS) to format product data quickly, you can easily import products into your Retail POS store in bulk.

To learn how to compile an import spreadsheet and import products in bulk, refer to our How to bulk import products guide.

Quick add product modal

Using the quick add product modal allows you to quickly create a new product using the minimum information required to get up and running while completing more important tasks, such as adding products for the first time, or ordering and receiving stock.

To learn more about the quick add product modal, refer to our Using the quick add product modal guide.

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