How do I add products into Vend?

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Setting up your products correctly can be crucial to the success of your store. A correct product setup can mean a speedier sales proccess, more accurate reporting and easy migration to Vend Ecommerce.

A product in Vend is made up of a number of different fields. When creating a product you must have a product name, tax name, price, handle and SKU code. Even though it's not required, it's highly recommended that you also include a supply price so that your average cost and cost of goods sold are correct going forward.

Another great thing to do when setting up your products is to add a friendly, customer-facing product description and product image. If you are using Vend Ecommerce (or plan to in the future) setting up your products with customer facing names, descriptions and images will save you a lot of time. When you enable Vend Ecommerce, your products from your Vend store will be pulled across and displayed online. If these products have already been setup with customer facing details you will not have to redo them again when they come through to Ecommerce.

Now that we know what makes up a product in Vend, lets look at adding some to your store!

There are two ways to add your products into Vend. You can either add products one-by-one, or use a spreadsheet called a CSV to import them in bulk.

To learn more about how to add products using these methods, check out our help articles below:

Add products one-by-one

There are three different types of products that can be added to your store, a standard product, a variant product and composite product. Click the links below to find out more:

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Create a spreadsheet to import your products in bulk

Read this article here to learn more about importing products into Vend.

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