Setting up your Dymo Label 450 Turbo Printer for Mac

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Installing your Dymo Label Printer

1. First up, Connect the printer to your computer.

2. Next, download the latest driver from Dymo's website  and follow the install instructions.

3. Open "System preferences" -> Print and Scan and click on the "+" button to add the printer.

4. Add a name for your Dymo Label printer, select 'use' - 'select..' and search for Dymo.


Setting up the Correct Printer Size

1.  Open Chrome or Safari and type in the address bar: http://localhost:631/printers/

2. Click on the Dymo printer and choose Set Default Options as in the image below:



3. On the next page choose, in the "Media Size" box, "Custom Page Size".

Note: Vend does not support labels smaller than 21 mm in width or hight.

4. Insert your label's paper size, choose the unit and click on the "Set Default Options".


Printing a Label in Vend

1. Go to your Vend store and choose a product to print a barcode for. Choose your label type and click on print.


2. In the Chrome Print Preview screen, select 'Print Using System Dialogue'.


3. In here go to Paper size and choose 'Manage Custom Size'.


4. Add a template, input your label's width and height and give it a name of your choice. To increase the border size of your label, adjustthe 'Non Printable Area' values to your liking:


You can now use this template to print your labels from Vend!

Tip: You can set this template as the default template for your Dymo. To do this, navigate to System preferences -> Print & Scan, select your Dymo Label Printer and choose your template from the Default Paper Size dropdown:


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