Setup a Dymo Label 450 Turbo Printer on Mac OSx

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Before we get started

  • This guide is for Dymo 450 Turbo Label printer, which has been installed with the latest manufacturer driver.  If you are using another model of Dymo the steps should be similar. Please refer to your printer's manufacturer website and support documents for full guidelines on setting up and testing a default print page size for your Vend barcodes.

  • In this tutorial we use a 6 digit SKU, printing to a Continuous label. But the steps to configure / test / edit setup / retest / refine will work with any other thermal label templates in Vend.
  • Smaller barcode labels such as this must use smaller SKU codes to preserve the quality of the barcode. For example, using an alphanumeric SKUs (combination of letters and numbers) of 4 or 5 digits provides enough variation to generate several hundred thousand small SKUs.
  • Other label formats (continuous, continuous wide) with larger barcode labels can handle longer SKU codes.  
  • Google Chrome browser will automatically remove print page margins/footers, etc. If you are not using Chrome, please read this guide to correctly setting up your print margins.
  • For setup purposes, we are printing a barcode for a single product. To perform a bulk run of barcodes, please read this article.
  • If you find that the browser doesn't respect the default label size below when trying to print, please read this help guide.


Please note that you will need to know the label sizes that you are printing on so that you can choose the right labels.

Also note that you can't print labels smaller than 20 mm in width or hight.


Steps to set up and test a default label print size on a Dymo Label Printer

1. Connect the printer to your computer.

2. Download the latest driver(V 8.4.1) from the manufacturer's website and install it. Sometimes you must restart before the drivers will register.

3. Open "System preferences" -> Print and Scan and click on the "+" button to add the printer. Select the driver for the printer.





4.  Open Chrome or Safari and type in the address bar: http://localhost:631/printers/  click on the Dymo printer and choose Set Default Options as in the image below:






5. In the next page choose in the "Media Size" box "Custom Page Size," (this is your CUPS interface). Insert your label's paper size, choose the unit and click on the "Set Default Options". 


You can close this page at this point.


6. Go to your Vend store and choose a product to print barcode for. Choose the label type, according to the settings already made and click on print.




7. Choose from Chrome Print Preview to Print Using System Dialogue.



8. In here go to Paper size and choose Manage Custom Size:



9. Add a template and set the Width and the Height of your labels (same you set up in the CUPS Interface) and name it as you like. Set up to 0 the Non Printable Area:




10. You can now use this template to print your labels from Vend. You can use this template as default and set it up in System preferences-> Print & Scan and choose the name of your template as your Default Paper Size:




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