How do I add or remove prefix or suffix characters from my barcode scanner?

Latest update: - Nick Houldsworth


Most USB barcode scanners permit special characters to be added at the beginning (prefix) or end (suffix) of the scanned barcode.  The most common use for this is sending a 'carriage return' after scanning a code (the same as pressing the 'enter' key), so that as soon as a product's SKU is read by the scanner, that product will be added to a sale (or stock order, stocktake etc).

Some scanners from previous point of sale systems may be preconfigured to use special characters, such as spaces, tildes ( ~ symbol) or other characters. We recommend removing any special prefix or suffix characters from barcode scanners compatible with Vend, but including a carriage return in the suffix, for easy adding of products to a sale.

Most standard USB scanners will come with a 'quick start' guide (and also a more detailed product reference guide) containing series of barcodes and instructions on how to add or remove special characters and keys from the prefix or suffix of a scanner. For example:

Make/Model: Motorolla DS4208
Quick Start Guide: view online

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