How to add Composite Products

Composite products allow you to package different products together and create a pack or product bundle. You can also use composite products for fractional stock, which can be useful if you sell products at different quantities such as grams or millilitres (like if you sell wine by the glass). Composite products are also useful for creating packs made up of the same product, such as a Box of 12 Wine Bottles.


When working out a price for your composite product, keep in mind that the packs do not automatically build in the price of the included products, so it would pay to make sure you have worked out your pricing before beginning.


Adding a composite product in Vend:

When you are ready to create your first pack, click on the Products tab. Click the button labelled ‘Add Product’ and complete the appropriate fields for your new product. 

Next, scroll down and select the Composite Product option under the Inventory section. 

Once you have selected this option, you should now see a product search bar. From here, you can search for the products you want to add using either their Product Name or their SKU code.

Tip: You can also edit the quantity of your products as you add them in, allowing you to add multiple numbers of the same product into the pack.

Once you’re done adding the products you want, and you’ve completed all the other fields on this product page, click on the Add Product button. 

After you've clicked 'add product' you'll be taken to the product details screen. Here you can review the details of your newly created composite product as well as it's current inventory levels. The inventory level of this composite product is determined by the products that it is made up of and how many of these products are available to make up complete packs. 


Adding a composite product using a Spreadsheet:


Adding composite products with fractional stock:

You can also add composite products that are made up of fractional stock (for example, selling a 'glass of wine' as a fractional quantity of a bottle, and charging per glass).

First, add a new product. In this case, we are going to call it "glass of wine".

After adding the product details, scroll down and select the Composite Product option under Inventory.

Using the search box below, locate a pre-existing product but this time, change the quantity of the product to a fractional amount (in the wine glass example, search for your "Wine bottle" product and change the quantity from 1 to a fractional amount such as 0.2).

Once you've added this as a product, you can then sell it as you would normally, and the stock count for the fractional quantity composite product will be calculated for you.

Adding multiples of the same item:

Being able to add composite products will also allow you to add packs that are made up of a number of the same product. For example, 12 bottles of milk make up one crate or 12 mini crunchies might make up one multipack. To include multiples of the same item as part of a composite product, set up your composite product, as usual, search for the products in the product search bar and adjust the number of products to the desired amount.


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