How to Add a Single Product

To add a new product individually into Vend, navigate to the Products -> Products on the sidebar and click the Add Product button.

Once here, you can fill out all the relevant information for the product you wish to add to Vend.

General Product Information:


You should avoid using commas in fields wherever possible. Do not put commas in your product name as this can cause issues when exporting your products out to a CSV file.

1. Product Name: This will be the name that appears in your reports, inventory management and on the sell screen.

2. Brand: To add new brands and suppliers simply click the button 'Add Brand' or 'Add Supplier' and complete the fields. If you are ordering your product from multiple suppliers, leave the supplier field blank.


3. Description: Add a description of your product. This could be details of the product, key selling points for your staff or care instructions for fragile items.

4. Tags: Products can have multiple tags which can be reported on using the 'Sales by Tag' report. These can be used to define more precise characteristics of a product.

5. Product Type: One product type can be assigned per product. For this reason, many retailers use the 'Product type' to assign the product to a broad category. Reports can also be filtered by type.

6. Images: To add images to your product, drag them onto the add product window. This will automatically add the image to the product you're adding. Alternatively, you can click the browse button to search your computer for images.


Once you've added all the general information for this product, you'll need to fill out the product's inventory details. Here, you can specify the product's inventory type, supplier details, current stock and reorder points.

1. First, choose whether this product is a Standard Product, Product with Variants or a Composite Product.

For more details on Products with Variants, click here.

For more details on Composite Products, click here.

2. Vend will automatically generate a new SKU code for this product. However, if you already have existing barcodes for this product, you can choose to enter the SKU manually.

3. Next, add your supplier details for this product. It is highly recommended that you add in the correct supply price before stocking this product so that your costs of goods sold are accurately tracked.

4. While you can also add your reorder point and your reorder amount for this product now, it is recommended you leave the current inventory levels blank as inventory should be added through a Purchase order for your reporting purposes.


Choose the taxes that apply to this product. This will automatically be your default sales tax. However, you can use the drop-down in the Tax section to specify which tax types to apply to this product.

Price and Loyalty:

1. Enter the final retail price for this product. The Supply price, markup and tax will be applied automatically.

2. If you use Vend loyalty in your store, you can choose to enable it for this product here:


If you integrate with Xero, make sure you specify which Xero accounts the sales and costs of this product post to.

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