Adding a customer to Vend

How do I create a new customer?

We offer three ways to create new customers from within Vend.

  1. Via the Customer Page.
  2. Via the Sell Screen.
  3. Via a Spreadsheet Import.

In this article, we will cover off creation via the Customer Page. For more information on creation via the Sell Screen or via a Spreadsheet Import, check out this article and this article, respectively.

Add a customer via the Customer Page:

The customer screen is a great way to collect extra information about your customers. To add a customer, follow the steps below:

1. From the left-hand side menu, select Customers.

2. Click Add Customer

3. Enter in the Customer Details

Customer information you can add includes:

  • First and last name
  • Company
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Customer group, if your store admin has set one up
  • Turn loyalty on or off
  • Contact Information
  • Address
  • Additional information about the customer.

4. Once you have added the customer’s details, click Save Customer. The customer will now be added to your database for future reference.


If you integrate with Xero these customers will be sent over when you make your first on account sale linked to the customer.

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