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Accept Credit, Debit and PayPass™ on iPad, Mac or PC

Vend is the leading cloud-based and iPad retail point of sale in Australia. Now, by integrating Tyro Payments, you can accept credit cards, debit cards and PayPass™ (Tap & Go) quickly and seamlessly, on iPad, Macbook or PC.

Tyro, Australia's only independent EFTPOS provider, provides integrated payments processing and merchant services. Tyro provides you with an EFTPOS terminal and processes your payments. It works with your existing transactional bank account. Learn more about Tyro here. 

Tyro provides both in-store and mobile payment solutions that work with Vend cloud-based point of sale on an:

  • iPad - with the new iOS7 you will have to enable Tyro cookies in the iOS system settings. Go to Settings ->Safari -> Block Cookies -> Never.
  • Mac
  • Windows

At the end of day, you can close your register and automatically post all your POS sales and payments information to Xero online accounting software, to reconcile against overnight bank feeds and Tyro EFTPOS transactions

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What do you need?

To use integrated payments with Tyro, you'll need to:

How is it set up? 

1. Add the payment type

  1. Under your Vend Setup menu, navigate to the Payment Types page.
  2. Click 'New Payment Type'.
  3. From the payment type dropdown, choose 'Tyro' and give your payment type a name, for example 'Card' or 'EFTPOS'. 


  1. Save the payment type.

2. Prepare the Tyro Terminal

Wireless models:  Turn the terminal on. Then, go to step 3 of the counter-top setup.

Countertop models:

  1. Plug in the USB cable (for USB models)


  1. Plug in the ethernet cable to your router


  1. On the terminal, press the 'Menu' button and find and open the 'Integrated EFTPOS' menu.

9-Menu-346.jpg 10-Integrated-EFTPOS-345.jpg

  1. Enter your admin PIN (which you can get from Tyro) and select 'Clear Pairings'. You are now ready to pair your terminal.

11-Password-348.jpg 12-Clear-347.jpg

Enable Refunds

By default, refunds are disabled on Tyro payment terminals. You'll need to enable these before you're able to complete a refund in Vend. This process will need to be completed on each Tyro terminal.

To enable refunds, open the menu, and select 'Configuration'.

Choose the 'Refunds' option and enable refunds. You'll need to enter your Refund password. If you haven't set a refund password on your Tyro terminal, this will be your Tyro admin password. If you don't remember this, contact Tyro customer support on 1300 966 639.

Once refunds are enabled, you'll be able to process refunds from your Vend store.

3. Pair the Tyro Terminal with your browser

IMPORTANT: Each terminal must be paired with the browser that will be using it.

  1. On the Tyro payment page in Vend, click the 'Configure' link.
  2. Screen_Shot_2013-05-20_at_10.30.32_AM.png

This will open a pop-up window with terminal configuration instructions. You will need:

  • Your admin PIN, which you can get from Tyro.
  • Your Tyro terminal and Vend to be connected to the same network.
  • Choose your device, and on the terminal:
  1. Hit the 'Menu' button.
  2. Navigate to and open the 'Integrated EFTPOS' menu.
  3. Select 'Authorise POS'. A Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID) will appear on the screen.


  • In Vend, input the Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID). Click 'Authorise'.


  • Wait a few seconds, then hit 'start' on the terminal. This will pair the Tyro terminal with your Vend account. Click 'OK' on the popup message in Vend.

16_MID_TID-529.jpg 17_Pairing_Successful-544.png

  • This will take you back to the payment set-up page. Click 'Save'.

If you would like to test the payment settings, edit the payment type and click the 'configure Tyro' link again. Choose 'I know what I'm doing', and click the 'Test' button.

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