Payments Setup

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Payment Types

Vend will create 'cash' payment type as default. 'On Account' and 'Layby' will appear as standard buttons on the payment page. 

For all other payment methods, you can set up the payment type. To do this, just click on 'New Payment Type'. This will prompt you to choose the payment type required and choose the name which will be displayed on your register.

There are two different types of payments in Vend. Integrated and non-integrated payments.

1. Integrated card payments:

Integrated payments are when Vend automatically pushes the sale total to the card terminal and receives an approval or decline response back to close the sale. Click the links below to learn more about what payment types are supported:


Vantiv Integrated Payments (for Mac, Windows or iPad Register App)

Paypal (for Vend on iPad)

Square (for Vend on iPad


Moneris (for Vend on iPad)


Tyro (for Mac, Windows or iPad)

Square (for Vend on iPad

Paypal (for Vend on iPad)

United Kingdom:

iZettle (for Vend on iPad)

Payment Express (for Mac, Windows or iPad

Paypal (for Vend on iPad)


iZettle (for Vend on iPad)

Note: To learn more about which countries are available, click the link above.

Payment Express (for Mac, Windows or iPad

New Zealand:

Smartpay (for Vend on iPad)

Payment Express (for Mac, Windows or iPad

Other Regions:

iZettle (for Vend on iPad)

2. Non-integrated/Manual card payments:

If you do not want to use any of the above payment types, you can use a non-integrated card payment.

Non-integrated card payments require you to type the payment amount into the card terminal and confirm in Vend that the payment is accepted to close the sale.

Using Vend, you can use any credit card/EFTPOS card payment terminal as a non-integrated stand-alone terminal. To use this, create a button for the payment type by going to Setup -> Payment Types and selecting Add Payment Type.

Tip: You can even create more than one payment button for each payment type, for example, Credit Card - Visa, Credit Card - AMEX, Credit Card - Mastercard.

Once you've chosen and named your new payment type click Save Payment Type. A button will now appear for this payment type on the payment screen the next time you process a sale. You will then need to separately set up your card payment terminal using the directions that came with the terminal.

When the time comes to take payment, you can process the payment using the terminal and hit the corresponding payment button in Vend.

Gift card payments

If you are using the new Register or new iOS Register app, you can issue gift cards to customers and take payments using these gift cards. To learn how to setup and use gift cards check out this article here.

Note: If you plan to use Vend's Gift Card feature, you will need to enable it through the web version of Vend first. This can be done by accessing Vend on a computer or from Safari on your iPad. To learn more on this, click here.

Important: If integrated with Xero, you will need to map your payment types to Xero accounts.

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